Last month Yoda and Casper were given the opportunity to review specially tailor made Dog Food from

Yoda loves to eat and so does Casper and we thought why not there is no harm in trying this product. After all this would be a good opportunity to try something different and unique. We were sent a voucher code and had to log on to the website to complete a two minute consultation.

The consultation included questions such as name, age, breed, health and weight of our dogs. This helped to determine the amount of type of food our dogs would require. At the end of the consultation a unique blend of high quality kibbles is recommended specifically for your dog.

Yoda is young and his tailor made dry food took into account that he is actively growing. His blend formulation included 47% tailored health, 32% tailored Nutrition and 20.5% Active growth.



Casper is 5 years older than Yoda and so his tailored food was 84% Tailored health, 9.5% active mobility and 5.8% senior health.



So we photographed the dogs with their bags before opening them and Yoda and Casper have been happily testing out the Dog food. Both Yoda and Casper appear to enjoy their food. They have eaten it without any fuss and we haven’t had any problems.


bichon frise

I think the only issue with having tailor made dog food and two dogs is that one may sometimes attempt to eat the other’s food and with us thats Yoda. He is sometimes a little piggy and may try and eat Casper’s food so we had to separate them and give them their food individually.

bichon frise

I think when you review Dog food it might take some time to notice a big difference for example in the shine of a dogs coat or health and vitality. I do like that the food came with a recommended level of daily exercise for the each dog and we were sent special measuring containers to measure out the correct amount for Yoda and Casper.

The most telling thing I guess was that our Dogs appeared to enjoy the food and have had good digestion, no upset stomachs or signs that the food was not good for them. Based on that we have to say that the Dogs have enjoyed their kibbles and the review has gone well.

I also liked that the food is delivered to your home and the novelty part being the names printed on each dogs food! Getting a photo of our dogs with their labelled bag however is another story….and I thought I’d share.

If only dog photography were as fun as eating dog food!

bichon dogs

We were sent the dog food in return for an honest review

Would you like to get a free 2 week trial for your dog? If so then please visit and use the



  1. I love their names and I love that the bags have their names printed on so you know who’s who’s! My oldest cat has to have special food compared to our others but our boy cat is such a piggy he likes to scoff hers down too so we have to feed her separately… I feel your pain there haha! x

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