S1bWhy I’m planning to get my child into Modelling- Sylvia’s Style

I’ve always wanted to get my daughter into modelling. Sylvia has a natural beauty. She is half English and half Polynesian, (Tongan) and I personally think she would make a lovely clothing model. In fact, I even looked at signing her up to some children’s model agencies but never had the money to join or to pay out and create a portfolio.

The reason I wanted my child to do “child modelling” years ago was to cover the cost of extra-curricular activities which as a single mother I could not afford. My child is very artistic and creative. She is good a gymnastics, singing and dancing. I want to give my daughter opportunities that I did not have.

My parents struggled to pay for opportunities for me and my sister, but the opportunities we did get truly blessed our lives. I went to university but I still have a massive student loan which burdens my family every day. I’d like to be able to save up so that when Sylvia decides what she wants to do, be it university or developing a skill, she can pay for this without accumulating large debt.

Being diagnosed with AI (Adrenal Insufficiency) when Sylvia was five, I put any plans or intentions I had for Sylvia to model on hold. Now my child is 7, she is wanting to start swimming lessons, learn the piano and go back to gymnastics. Extra-curricular activities for any child costs a lot, no matter what circumstances the parents find themselves in. We can either afford it or we cant. No matter what the cost, developing talents is never cheap.

My husband and I are saving very hard for my “adrenal pump” – private medical treatment which can improve my quality of life. Heck, I’m even fundraising for this! This leaves little room to pay out for Sylvia to do the things she would like.

That’s where blogging and modelling come in! If I blog, I will eventually be able to afford both the pump and my child’s activities. During the 2015 school year my child has taken part in ZERO extra curricular activities. Year 3 is going to be different. Sylvia is starting piano/keyboard lessons, she is on a waiting list for swimming and wants to go to weekly gymnastics.

I told Sylvia if she wants to do these things, she may need to do some photo shoots to help mummy blog and earn money. (So that mummy can pay for her activities). Any extra will be an added bonus. It will help get me better sooner and I also hope to put money into her child trust fund for when she is 18.

So, my child is going to start modelling. Until we get professional work, she will model for daysinbed.com. Either way, we have talked about this and she is wiling to work and do photo shoots for a reward. For her first photo shoot, Sylvia was rewarded with “Shopkins” a toy which she has been learning about on Youtube. She was very pleased and has played with them all weekend. – I’ll be writing a review soon!

Sylvia also loves fashion. She is a stylish and creative child and loves new clothes, so I guess modelling clothes will benefit her in she will have a larger range to choose from! (Mummy is not allowed to choose the styles!) She loves to create her own styles her self- and you know what! I really do not mind!

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Photographs were taken by Sophie Edwards at Little Heirs Photography in Lancashire 

I would highly recommend Little Heirs Photography, if you wish to have your photos taken, then follow the link above or contact Sophie at  Littleheirs@hotmail.com Please don’t forget mention my name, as i’m part of a referral program and this could help me to get more shots for my daughters portfolio.


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Photographs were taken by Sophie Edwards at Little Heirs Photography in Lancashire

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