A Week Of Poetry, Fashion And Ballet

This week has been an interesting week. My headaches and bone pain really died down for around two weeks and I was able to spend more time out of bed, however the last few days it has returned and I’ve been battling to concentrate and write my daily posts once again. I’ll keep going and do my best when I can.

I have had some lovely experiences this week to share today, so here goes.

Read Grandma’s Poetry

I was sent a wonderful book called Grandma’s Poetry written by Di Castle. I’m a huge fan of poetry, I always have and it’s been nice to read through the poems during the week.

Grandma’s poetry charts the nostalgic journey from birth to teens from the perspective of a grandmother. The book contains some lovely inspirational poems along with lovely illustrations and I found myself smiling and laughing as the poems were at times funny as well as touching to read.

I’m really pleased to have read this book. It brought back memories that I’d had as a child with my grandma and the book is a keeper. One I will be treasuring on the bookshelf.

grandmas poetry book

Wore A New Winter Coat

This week Sylvia wore a new winter coat with my snood. The coat is from Next and was given to us by a family member as hand me downs. It looks and feels brand new! The Snood was a gift sent to me from Esther from the blog InsideOut and About. I love it and so does Sylvia.

Children's coat

Sylvia also wore her warm Duffle Coat from Asda with a secondhand scarf, white gloves and old boots. She looked fab and felt very warm.


I wore my new gold earrings, which were a gift from my aunty for my birthday and for winning the Voice Award at the MumpreneurUK Conference. They are lovely and my only pair of “real earrings”.


We Saw The Ballet Lest We Forget

This week, Sylvia and I attended the Ballet Lest We Forget. It was a memorial and tribute to those who died in the first world war. I wrote a post describing the amazing dances if you’d like to read more. I wore my new Black Dress from Asda and Sylvia had a stunning red next dress. We really did mix fashion and ballet together!

We Tried Glorious Soups

This week we tried and tested the Infruition water bottles. We had fun and the bottles water was really tasty. I wrote a post on how we used the drinks to keep hydrated. I’ve also been testing out a special cream to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks and so far it has made a small difference. I’ll be writing about the cream in a few weeks and giving my opinion.

I’ve also been trying lots of Glorious Skinnylicious Soups and have been loving it. I entered a blog competition to win a trip to India and submitted my post about my travel adventures and eating Glorious Soups. It’s a good read. Fingers crossed for the holiday. You have to be in it to win it!

Glorious Skinnylicious Soups Glorious Skinnylicious Soups

I Felt Sad

IĀ  found out that my great uncle Johnny One Leg had passed away back in September. He was in an old people’s home and my side of the family were not told about his death. My aunty found out yesterday during a conversation with a Taxi Driver. I’m really not too sure what went wrong communication wise but we have all missed his funeral and don’t even know what happened to his body. I’m going to find out and go visit him in the coming weeks wherever he is.

Johnny Meigh had one leg

Johnny lost his leg during a pit explosion as a teenage boy. He was an inspiration and a great example to me of overcoming difficulties and making the most of your life.

We Watched The Hobbit

I had a wonderful date night with my hubby and we watched the final instalment of The hobbit in the lounge with maltesers and sparkling grape juice. This made my husbands week! He loved it and I enjoyed just chilling out together with internet and phones off! All in all it’s been an emotional rollercoaster kind of week but we enjoyed it and I’m just holding out now to start my injections when they come. The Hospital has approved my meds and it’s a matter of delivery and being taught what to do.

It’s been a good week. A week of poetry , fashion and ballet.