Vegetable Train

This week I’m sharing my Vegetable party train which was a real hit at my daughter’s party.

pepper 5

To make this vegetable train you need between 4-5 capsicums or peppers. They have different names depending on which country your from so for the purpose of this post I’ll call them peppers.

vegetable train

You simply slice off the top of the peppers and scoop out the insides. Make sure you leave the pepper stalks on  the outside as they can come in handy for connecting the trains together.

vegetable train

Use the tops of the peppers which you have cut off to make slices for the carriages. Also chop some Celery, carrot sticks and 20 slices of cucumber for wheels.

Next you begin building the train. You will need tooth picks to connect the cucumber wheels to the pepper carriages. the cucumbers need quite a bit of reinforcement so expect to use a few toothpicks per wheel.

vegetable train

Once the carriages have wheels, you simply need to stand them in a row to create a train of carriages. Then add the pepper sticks, celery, carrots and cucumber into the carriages for the finishing touch.


4-5 Peppers

1 Cucumber

1 Carrot



This was a fun train to make. My friend worked on this project with me and I think together we did a great job. So much fun and a great activity to share.

pepper 4

Thanks for reading. I’d love you to pin this on your Pinterest board.