For as long as I can remember my father Gordon has “Up-Cycled”. Dad has been doing this all his life and has become a real talented handyman. He has taught me a few tricks or two over the years and he has instilled in me a passion and love for all things “Upcycled”.

In the early 1980’s Dad worked in the coal mines and we were not a rich family. Dad ended up going on strike. He had to find ways to make use of that which was free or considered waste. My parents never really bought  “brand new” items. Instead Dad was always working on some project. He has done for the past 30 years. He’s a real inspiration!

My first Up-cycled gift was a Red Bike. Dad found a frame at the dump, fixed the bike up and spray painted it red. I was five years old and loved my bike! Dad up-cycled everything. He built his pigeon shed, his tool sheds from old, unwanted materials. He up-cycled our old drawers painting them pink and white with my mum. He even made me my first food storage shelf and a rolling pin for me as a wedding present. He’s developed a real talent with wood.


A few years ago my Dad started collecting unwanted pieces of wood and materials from the roadside. He built Chicken Coups, Bird Aviary’s and Wendy Houses. He then sold them on.


Not only does up-cycling help to save or earn money, it also contributes to the environment and helps reduce our environmental footprint.

Here are a few more things my father has “up-cycled” and created with waste materials, carvings and some Christmas Reindeer.


When it comes to Up-cycling my Dad has really Inspired me. He has developed his talents and I hope in the future to create some things of my own. I’ve learnt some great things from my dad.

At the moment my husband is attempting to build a dolls house and once it is done we hope to create some “upcycled” dolls furniture and blankets, curtains as well as find materials for the floor and walls. It’s exciting but also feels a little overwhelming as we have never done any project like this before.. but i’m sure it will work out great!

Once we are finished I’ll be sure to blog about it!

Angela xx