Young or old, chances are when you hear your favourite Disney songs, you can’t help but sing along. So gather your miniature princesses and pint-sized swashbucklers and prepare to sing your way through the Five Best Disney Songs.


#5. Let it Go, Frozen

This song has a powerhouse voice behind it (Idina Menzel) plus a key change which will give anyone all the feels. We can surely identify with Elsa’s desire to be free to be herself.  While “Let it Go” doesn’t have the childhood nostalgia for the adults, it is set to be this generation’s “Part of Your World.” Speaking of which…

#4. Part or Your World, The Little Mermaid

Ariel really had a knack for understanding the whole childhood angst thing. She seemingly had it all as a princess, but darn it if she didn’t want more. “Part of Your World” spoke to a generation who was waiting to grow up and hoping there was more beyond what they ever imagined. It’s easy to see why this song is so well known.

#3. Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and the Beast

It’s every girl’s dream…falling for the unlovable (and abnormally hairy) guy, only to discover that he’s actually handsome, less hairy, AND rich. This scene was the climax of Belle and the Beast’s friendship, turned romance. Everyone who has ever loved a love story probably knows all the words to “Beauty and the Beast.” Not to mention, Angela Lansbury’s (Mrs. Potts) voice is truly epic.

#2. A Whole New World, Aladdin

Yet another classically impossible love story, but this time set on a magic carpet ride that takes Aladdin and Jasmine on a tour of the world, ending with fireworks (literally). I dare you to find any kid who grew up in the 90’s who doesn’t know at least part of this song. 

#1. Circle of Life, The Lion King

The Lion King wins for perhaps one of the most iconic movie openings ever. If you owned a Walkman, you were likely startled by the opening of “Circle of Life.” The translation from Zulu literally means, “Here comes a lion, father. Oh yes, it’s a lion.” Fitting, right? Probably best that Elton John & Tim Rice left the opening verse to Lebo M, the South African composer who penned and performed that section.

Some of the most beloved songs came out of Disney movies. Parents love to introduce their kids to their cherished childhood memories and adults of every age and walk of life will sing karaoke style when their favourite ballad plays. So have some fun by building your own favourite Disney playlist and see who sings and dances along when you blast it at work. It won’t disappoint.