My Top 10 Blogs of 2015

Top Ten Blogs


At the start of the month I was delighted to be listed as one of the Top Ten Blogs over at Zena’s Suitcase. I really enjoyed reading Zena’s list and agreed it would be a fab idea to share my own Top Ten Blogs for 2015

I’ve met hundreds of bloggers over the past year and have actually have more than 10 favourites. I probably have about 30 favourite blogs but here are my top 10 all time favourites.

I’ve known Esther from Inside Out and About for many years as she is one of my closest friends in the world. I love Esther’s blog. She has an amazing talent for making the home look amazing. She is so creative and I love reading about the wonderful things she does in the home as mother and as a home maker. Esther also shares some really heart felt posts on motherhood and goes on fantastic adventures with her kids. This is one blog not to miss.

I discovered Laura’s Lovely Blog about 7 months ago. I instantly fell in love with this blog. I think it’s because Laura and I share a love for lovely things and I noticed early on that she is a compassionate and caring kind of blogger. Laura loves handbags and books amongst other things and she shares her passion for life through her blog. We run a joint linky together #KLTR which is short for kids love to read and Laura writes some really honest and thoughtful pieces which have been picked up and featured on Mumsnet.

Becky aka Cuddle Fairy is one of the first bloggers I became friends with. We both started blogging around the same time and kind of found one another. She is a wonderful friend and writes some fantastic blog posts. I love Becky’s positive vibe and willingness to help. She has a fabulous linky Candid Cuddles where she shares a fantastic motivational and uplifting quote each week. Becky also has a talent for writing “how to posts” when it comes to social media as well as some fantastic blogging posts from the Irish perspective.

Amy from Mr and Mrs t plus three is a brilliant blogger who I really look up to. I discovered Amy’s blog early on this year and I love reading her “from the heart” posts and posts from the mother of teenagers perspective. Amy has a real talent for photography and Instagram which is fantastic. She is also getting good at Vlogging which and has a fantastic vlog where she attempts to crack as many eggs as she can in a minute. Very fun to watch.

Gemma over at Confessions of a Nagging Mum is a blogger I only recently discovered. She has a passion for Disney and writes brilliant Posts about everything Disney which I love to read. I’ve also been enjoying Gemma’s wish list style posts and reviews which are really fantastic. I look forward to seeing more in 2016.

Kerry over at Oh so Amelia is an inspiration as both a single mother and blogger. She is raising her two children and working from home as a professional blogger. I admire her so much and love her fantastic blog posts. She has brilliant blogging tips and some fantastic reviews. Kerry also has a real talent for home and interiors and is a home making inspiration.

Rachel blogs over at U me and the kids. I first discovered Rachel when I learned about her competition linky. She loves to promote competitions and clearly from her blog we have something in common. She is all about family fun and the kids. I particularly love reading Rachel’s pinterest style post, which have lists and ideas on birthday celebrations, to craft ideas, to christmas baking. Her posts are always colourful and full of fabulous pictures.

Sarah over at Twinsmakefive is a brilliant blogger with a daughter and twin boys. I love reading her posts about family, being a mum and having fun. I admire the fact Sarah juggles both blogging, parenting and work. She has some fantastic witty Christmas posts which I really enjoyed reading. I’m never disappointed when I visit the blog.

What Katy Said is written by Katy a mother of two fantastic kids. Katy like me used to be a school teacher but is now a stay at home mother and professional blogger. She has fantastic posts on family lifestyle from cooking and baking, to outdoor fun and fun kids reviews. I love Katy’s blogging tips and her positive happy vibe. I  met Katy in August and she is as lovely in person as she is online.

Mudpie Fridays is a brilliant blog written by Clare, a mother of one with a baby on the way. Clare regularly shares brilliant ideas on her blog for activities to do with young children. She is the early years educators inspiration as her posts and ideas always have so much educational value. I also enjoy reading about Clare’s pregnancy progress and look forward to following the growth and development of baby pip who is due in April.