Well this week has been one of ups and downs. My Mum who lives in New Zealand is currently visiting the UK for a while and I got to have her at my home for a week. It’s been lovely. However I have also been really unwell. I’ve vomited at least 28 times this week and been dizzy and weak and sick.

Last week I was able to stand and walk around at my daughter’s Super Hero birthday party and this week I have been stuck in bed or on the sofa. I’ve not been able to go anywhere with my parents but just having them in the home has been lovely.

So we started the week recovering from a fantastic party. I had lots of letters and emails to reply to and one appointment which is good. I can sometimes have a lot more than that and it can be draining. I worked hard to promote the products we used during the party on social media and shared one of my favourite posts on making a vegetable train.

vegetable train

Sometimes I have no energy to make or create and cannot cook myself but with my friends help I made an amazing veggie train and I am so pleased with it. I had to share. So while spent a day pinning and tweeting and facebooking (if thats a word) and instagraming (if thats a word too), I was also vomiting and trying not to collapse.

I cant just lay in bed all day sick and do nothing productive. It would really suck. I was super happy because after 42 retweets and 32 love hearts. That cheered me up.

I then got a stinky letter in the mail. Two in fact which were not things I wanted to deal with and attempted unsuccessfully to secure sponsorship for Britmums Live. I still have a whole month and I am sure the right opportunity will come along but I have to work hard to try and cover the cost of Britmums.

I really want to go. Last year I went. It was the only blogging conference I have ever been to and was fabulous. Attending Britmums burnt me out for about a month but everything I learnt was worth the burn out. It set me up well for the last year of blogging and I learnt so much!

So today as I have battled blogging, social media, sickness, bills and rejection, I’ve also spent time talking with loved ones and had some success in page views and social shares on social media and so the positive outweighs or balances out the negative.

I am feeling a little upset because of the difficulties I’m having seeing an Endo via the NHS and thats a whole new issue I will write about in a while, but I am staying positive and making a plan for private care. it will cost money but I’ve been sick almost 3 years and its not good enough.

I am trying to stay positive when I feel like life and illness is dragging me down. I try to focus on my mini achievements rather than all i cannot do and I am trying to THINK POSITIVE when negativity is raining down on me.

I can do it. I can beat the negative rain and win this battle. No matter how stressful or difficult things become.