chronic illness

Being unwell, I often find myself needing to rest and stay in bed or in the home. It can be difficult staying home a lot of the time but the reality is if I go out I can make myself unwell for days so I have to pace myself.

Over the past two weeks I have been trying a new project painting on glass. It’s quite fun, easy to do at a slow and steady pace and can be done in bed or at the table and at home. It is a great relaxing activity for someone like me with Chronic Illness. I’ve really enjoyed it so far and am having a lot of fun.

My first project was some bottles painted in the Christmas theme. I did a Penguin and Snowman and a Christmas tree. This was really fun to do. I used milk bottles and posca paint pens.

I then moved onto a Kawaii animal project. My daughter and I designed some Kawaii animals and then drew them and coloured them in a sketch book. We then transferred them onto bottles. Painting bottles is so hard. It is not a easy surface and keeping your hand still and the lines straight can be super tricky but I did well.

My latest project is a Nativity scene Fish bowl which is pretty cool. I worked on this for a few hours and am really pleased with the final look.

I think doing art and painting when your unwell can be very therapeutic and it is really enjoyable to me. I hope I can do more in the coming weeks.

I am collecting my designs on the mantle and we will use them as decorations for Christmas. I would also like to try and sell some in the future or maybe I could make them as Christmas presents and give them to friends with chocolate and candy in them. That’s an idea.