Getting The Support You Need When Caring For A Loved One – A Collaborative Post! 

Supporting an elderly relative can be a massive challenge. There may be mobility issues, and they may be completely housebound and unable to do much around their house. They may need support in getting up and dressed each day, or even with bathing, cooking, and so many things that most of us take for granted in life. 

Quite often it can almost feel like a full-time job. You may need to visit a few times a day, or they may live with you, meaning you are there all of the time for them. If you have a job and a family to think about this can make things even harder. Juggling all of life’s commitments can be tricky at the best of times, but when you need to constantly do things for someone else too it can wear you out. 

Burn out is a very real thing when it comes to being somebody’s carer. You feel emotionally bound to help them in dealing with everything that they need, and you put how tired or stressed you are to one side. This can lead to you getting depressed and ill. And with this in mind, you should look to get as much support as you can get. 

Involve Others From The Family

You are not alone in dealing with this situation, and your elderly loved one would not want you to grind yourself down to care for them. You need to ask for help from those around you. Create a system where you will take it in turns to spend time looking after your relative. 

If you can get a good routine together when caring for a loved one, then you will find that you are much less stressed. You will get the emotional support of your family too as they will be helping you to deal with the situation.

Get Help From A Carer

There are professionals who can support you. Having a carer drop in daily can help relieve the burden. They will be able to assist in washing, dressing, feeding, and giving medication. You will be able to get advice from them too. 

It may feel as though you are giving up on your loved one by bringing in someone else to help to look after them. But you need to be fair to yourself, and if you need to get help so that you don’t burn out, then you should not be afraid to take it. 

Consider Respite Care

Taking a break is important, and you may need a holiday. You are not selfish for taking one, it is vital that you get the rest that you need in your life. When you go away, there are places that can offer respite care such as Porthaven. 

Your loved one will get round the clock care and support. They will be able to socialise with other residents and importantly you will be able to fully recharge so that you can come back and continue giving them the best support that you possibly can.