My Struggle to Blog with Chronic Illness

I first started blogging when I was really unwell. I was struggling with my health, my Adrenal Insufficiency, I still do struggle but I wanted a way to document and record the good times as well as the difficult so I created

I wanted to share my experiences with others to raise awareness and help understanding as well as record my life as a Mother.

Chronic Illness


A lot has happened since I wrote my first blog post. My blog has evolved over time. The quality of my posts, the way I feel about blogging, the images and photography. When I first began I had no idea if the blog could become successful. I has a simple template and no designs. Things have really changed and evolved.

I did not know I would build over 22 thousand followers across social media, that I would have so many people contacting me about health issues and life problems. I had no idea we would become part of a toy testing team and review fabulous kids products. I had no idea we would get sponsored work involving our Dogs Yoda and Casper and I certainly had no idea I would fall in love with writing fashion posts- something I love and still am in shock about. I love it!

I feel my blog has been very random over the months. I have written about so many topics and subjects all within the realm of my lifestyle.  I’m trying to be more consistent. I’m trying to be consistent in my engagement, in the blog promotion work I do to share my blog posts and the type of posts I write.

I’m making a really big effort to share a Sylvia’s Style post every Friday and find opportunities to review clothing which I find really fun. However being chronically unwell makes this difficult, luckily I have John to help with Photography – although we do take in turns and my photos are getting much better too.

My health is more stable now I am using an Adrenal pump however I still am chronically tired and exhausted and have days I cant do much and it’s a real struggle. I have days when I need to do work or I feel I need to and just don’t have the strength. I’ve spent a lot of the past week in bed yet again.

Being exhausted sometimes leads me to feeling like a failure. I feel rubbish and frustrated I cant achieve all that I would like. Being unwell also gives me a “stressed out” feeling and I guess it can cause me to worry more about things than I usually would were I not so exhausted and fatigued.

I do struggle with knowing what I want at times. I make goals and I make plans. I know it’s so important to have goals and plans to work towards but then I get sick and have to stop for a few days or hours and it gets tough. I wont give up though. I won’t stop blogging. I love it. I love writing and sharing and engaging on social media. It’s just hard to be consistent when my health is not consistent but I will keep on trying to do my best and do all I can.

It’s hard having chronic illness. It stops plans, plans for life, careers, for family and goals but I will keep on fighting through and find a way to live my dreams and learn to adapt and do my best. After all that is all I can do.