When it comes to self care, a lot of people brush over the term not really understanding what it means and the significance it plays in the lives of many people. Self care is, of course, particularly important if you suffer from a chronic condition where even the most basic movement can cause you pain or come at great effort.

In this post we take a look at three self care actions that you can carry out every day that will give you a mental boost and remind you to value yourself, whatever physical or mental level you’re at.


When you wake up in the morning very often you’ll feel consumed by the challenges that lie ahead of you. If you’re physically able, you may find yourself helping to get your family ready for school and work. If you’re not able to get around much, you’ll be thinking about overcoming the issues of washing and making use of your day.

Before you even start to think about the practical tasks ahead of you, take a few moments to check in with how you’re feeling. Are you positive, looking forward to spending time with a friend or loved one or do you feel alone and vulnerable? Take time to recognise those feelings and acknowledge them. Consider keeping a diary to write them down and see how you feel day to day and month to month.

self care and writing a journal

Do One Thing

Depending on your mobility and mental health, this may be a challenge but if you can do one thing that shows you how worthwhile you are then try and make it happen. This might be taking a long shower or taking a walk, talking with a friend on the phone or arranging a playdate for your child. Anything that shows you you can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

If it’s hard to take a shower because of your mobility issues, and if you have the income, then consider changing your shower for one that accommodates people with disabilities. For example you may want to switch to a walk in shower door and add a seat inside. You’ll find shower units at bathroom showrooms and online.

self care taking a shower and beauty regime

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

This is one of the most powerful words in the English language and allows you to protect yourself from unwanted pressure when you need to. That friend who always asks you to pick her child up from school. The partner who leaves you with a list of tasks that are overwhelming, say no.

You’re not being rude and certainly there are ways that you can frame it that make the impact softer but remember that no is a whole sentence.

If you’re someone who hates letting people down but can’t stand parties, offer to take that friend to lunch or spend time with them another way. It’s not worth feeling bad and stressed just to accommodate other people.

A little self care goes a long way so get practising today with these three simple habits.

*This is a collaborative post*