Losing weight comes with a lot of advantages. Obviously, you are much healthier, you feel better about yourself, and simple tasks are no longer taxing. Another benefit of losing weight is that you drop down a few sizes in clothes. For some of you that have lost an extreme amount of weight, you may have gone from a Large to a Small in the space of a few months. 

Consequently, you have a new concern; what am I going to wear? All your old clothes are too big, so should you start buying new ones? Clearly, at the end of your weight loss journey, you’ll need to go out and buy clothes. The tougher question is what you do during this journey. As you start to lose weight, certain things become too big for you. But, if you buy a new size now, then it might be too big in a few more weeks!

So, should you buy new clothes when losing weight? 

The answer is yes…and no. You can buy some new items, but there’s no sense in spending a fortune. Likewise, you could explore other ideas before you spend any money. 

Use discount codes

Find relatively affordable clothes suppliers and see if they have discount codes. Places like Peacocks are a prime example of what you’re looking for. They sell very simple and affordable clothing that you can wear and still look good. But, with a Peacocks voucher code, you can make it even cheaper. This way, you’re buying some clothes that will actually fit, and you’re not spending loads of money in the process. 

Whenever you need to buy new clothes, follow the simple steps of looking for discount codes and shopping with affordable brands. 

Recycle old clothes

Your current wardrobe might be oversized, but what about your older clothes? Some of you may have gained weight over the years. This is natural, but it means you could have old clothes that now fit you. Instead of going out and buying new things, try and recycle your old clothes and wear them again. The chances are the items still look nice, you just stopped wearing them as they became too small to fit you. 

Borrow clothes

Another idea is to borrow clothes from friends or siblings. They may have items they don’t wear anymore, or they might be willing to lend you some during your weight loss. This way, you can wear clothes that fit, then hand them back when you no longer need them. Or, they may give them to you to keep, in which case you can sell the clothes on or recycle them. 

In reality, you don’t technically need to buy new clothes when losing weight. The only time it’s necessary is if you don’t have old clothes that fit, and you can’t borrow any. If you do go out and buy some, be sure to look for deals and discounts. Also, one final tip is to sell the clothes afterwards. When you reach your target weight and any clothes you bought no longer fit, then sell them to regain some of what you spent.