Having weight loss surgery affects your life in many ways. Of course, in the long term, these are for the best, as you are on your way to a healthier life. However, in the meantime, there are things to consider like returning to work after weight loss surgery.

Returning To Work After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery affects many aspects of your life. While this is a wonderful thing to do for your health, it does come with some downtime for recovery. If you are wondering how long before you can go back to work after weight loss surgery, here is some important information to help you be prepared.

How quickly can I return to work after weight loss surgery?

After most weight loss surgery, most people need about a week or two before they can return to work. It is important that you prepare for taking time off to recover from surgery. Be sure to talk with your employer to schedule about 2 weeks off. Even after you are scheduled to return to work, you are not going to have the energy you are used to, so for some people, even after returning to work, they will need to start with half days or every other day, while they finish recovering.

While you may be able to return to work about 2 weeks after surgery, recovering from major surgery, like gastric bypass, can actually take up to 2 months to completely feel like yourself. It is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations. Pushing yourself too fast and hard after surgery can cause you to take a longer time to recover.

What helps you heal faster after gastric bypass surgery?

Since most gastric bypass surgery is laparoscopic, you will have less of an incision than many other types of abdominal surgery. This helps with the recovery time. You will spend about 3 days in the hospital and hopefully be back to yourself in 3 to 5 weeks. There are ways to help heal faster after gastric bypass surgery. Protein will help give your body the fuel it needs so that it can heal.

While you want to get moving around as soon as you are cleared, it is important to not overdo it. Follow the doctor’s instructions. Also, it is important that you are getting enough to eat and to drink. Follow the eating plan that your doctor has set out for you by eating small frequent meals.

Is it normal to sleep a lot after surgery?

You might notice that after surgery you are more tired than you expected. This is normal. There are several reasons that you are sleeping more than normal.

  • Sleep Deficit: You might have been nervous before surgery and it might have caused you get less sleep than normal.
  • Medication: The medications that you are given before and after surgery can make you more tired. Whether it is from the anesthesia or the pain medications, all of these can make you feel more tired.
  • Depression: Some people will suffer from depression after surgery. Even when it is a surgery that is in hopes of giving them a healthier life.
  • Fasting and loss of electrolytes and minerals: Before surgery, patients need to fast in order to make the surgery safe. While replenishing your body, it can take time to regain your strength.

returning to work after weight loss surgery