just let those little negative things in life just wash over us. Yet they, of course, have an impact on our overall happiness levels. They can derail a day. We might otherwise feel great, yet something just sets us off. Let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Below, we identify a few of the minor, bothersome things in life, and offer some advice on how you can prevent them from ruining your day. 

Calm Beginnings

Is there anything worse than waking up in the morning, and just knowing that the day is going to royally suck? It might have been a bad dream that caused it, or a sleepless night, or the thought of things to come that affects your mind. It’s always important to remember that you’re not locked into the mood you’re in when you first wake up, however.

You can change things up! One method is to jolt yourself out of your mood, by taking a cold shower or going for a run (or, ideally, both). Another is to have a calm and relaxed morning. There are few things a little time reading, meditating, and enjoying breakfast can’t fix.  

Commute Frustrations

We could start the day on the top of the world, and then get into our vehicle, and things begin to go downhill. It’s normal that people would become bothered by things like bumper to bumper traffic, heavy rain, or just the sheer knowledge that they’re on their way to work. But if you change your mind, you can change how you view it. Instead of focusing on all the negatives, look at the positives — you have time to clear your thoughts, listen to a podcast, or talk with friends. Not so bad! 

Using Technology

Ah, technology. It’s a blessing and a curse. There are times when it facilitates everything we want to do, and that’s great. At others, it frustrates us — it’s too slow, or too fickle, or just, for whatever reason, won’t do what we want it to do. But good news: it’s nearly always possible to make your technology more conducive to a happy day.

There are plenty of ways to speed up a slow computer, for example, and you can also turn off two factor authentication to make things less frustrating, too. You should also look at your general tech use, and make sure it’s improving your life, rather than holding it back.

Personal Poison 

You could feel great, but you never know when there’ll be someone trying to derail your happiness. Misery loves company! If someone’s feeling bad, they might try and take it out on you. It’s not cool, but sometimes you can’t stop it. If you’re aware that they’re putting poison in your mind, however, then you can stop it from infecting your mind. 

This is a collaborative post!