My Relaxing Spa Experience At Volair Spa in Knowsley

Recently I attended a fantastic Spa Pamper Day at the Volair Spa located at Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park in Merseyside. I have to admit I had never been to a thermal Spa before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I even considered cancelling as I wasn’t feeling very energetic however I didn’t want to miss the opportunity and boy am I glad I went. It was the best decision ever.

volair spa day

When I arrived at Volair Spa, I was met by Hayley who welcomed me and gave me a robe and slippers to change into. I went to the changing room and slipped on my swimming costume and the luxurious brown robe which felt soft and smooth against my skin.

Volair spa

My first experience was to go downstairs into the thermal spa area. Here there were a selection of Lycon exfoliation scrubs. I got to smell them all and choose the Sugar Scrub treatment I wanted. I loved the smell of the Pink Grapefruit and the Apple and Cranberry scrubs but I went with my favourite smell Coconut and Vanilla.

spa products

Those who have visited the blog before will know that I have an electronic adrenal pump for my condition Adrenal Insufficiency. I could not wear my pump in the thermal spa area as I did not want to risk getting it wet. I gave myself an extra 5mg of medication to cover the time period in the spa and removed my pump. I then showered to wet my body before using the exfoliating scrub.

Volair Spa

After covering my body in the Coconut scrub, (which smelt delicious) I washed the scrub off in the shower and once my body was rinsed I went into the Jaccuzi hot tub. This was wonderful. I smelt great and was joined by 3 other bloggers. We had a lovely relaxing rest in the water and chatted. It really was an enjoyable experience.


I didn’t want to get out of the Jacuzzi, It was so nice. The Volair Thermal Spa has an Alpine Herbal Sauna and a Salt Crystal Steam Room and so I eventually left the hot tub to try out the Sauna. The Sauna was really hot and relaxing as was the Steam room. I preferred the steam room as it was less dry for me and the steam did a great job of helping remove my dead skin.

volair spa day

After the Sauna and steam room I chilled out in the resting area and then went back into the jacuzzi for round two. It was a lovely experience and very relaxing. The warmth of the water and steam also helped with my general aches and pains which was really great.

volair spa day

The Volair Spa have a great deal where two people can visit the thermal spa for £15 and I am planning to go back with my husband John for my Birthday in November. I can’t wait for us to experience this together.

volair spa day

After my time in the water I dried off and used a Lycon Moisturising lotion on my body. This time I went for the Pink Grapefruit and I returned upstairs dry and smelling so good. I loved the grapefruit smell and was excited to find a sample of Pink Grapefruit scrub in my goodie bag.

volair spa day

After the Thermal Spa session we had a wonderful lunch with the option of Bubbles or Juice. I had a glass of orange juice. I loved the tasty wraps. Since having my Gastric Bypass I need to fill up on protein and the chicken and beef wraps were the perfect refreshment for me.

Volair Spa Buffet

Following Lunch I had a really special facial session. This was so educational and just what I needed. Hayley was fantastic and funny. She taught us about the importance of cleansing and toning. I learnt why you should cleanse your face and how to help prevent the skin ageing sooner than it needs to. This was new to me and something I found fascinating.

volair spa day

We used the Aroma Works Purity Eye cleanser and then used a toner and moisturising oils designed specifically for our skin types. My skin was dry and a little dehydrated so I used a Nourish oil which smelt absolutely gorgeous. We were shown how to cleanse and learnt about the different pressure points around the eyes and sinus areas. I really did get an education and came home with lots of lovely samples to use.

volair treatment room

The final part of the day was to watch and learn all about Micro-dermabrasion facial treatments. I did not really know much about this before today but now I do and I am excited as I have a voucher to go and have a treatment of my choice in the coming weeks.

microdermabrasion CRYSTALS

The beautician used Crystal Clear Micro-dermabrasion to give one of the bloggers a facial which I watched. We also had small amount of crystals placed on our hands and got to feel the sensation of the microdermabrasion tool so we could know what it feels like. The treatment worked well and afterwards I could see a definite glow and difference to the one having the Crystal Clear  treatment.

volair spa gifts

On the way home I got to check out the goodie bag which was fantastic. I have a voucher for a treatment, lots of sample oils and the Grapefruit exfoliation product. I got quite a few things and cant wait to start using them. The Volair Spa was fantastic. It was better than I imagined and I really enjoyed telling my husband and now you the reader about my day. I really do look forward to going back.

Thank you to the ladies at Volair Spa for such a wonderful day. It’s one I don’t think I will forget.

Disclosure: I was invited to the event and the writing of this post is optional.