Three Relationship Saving Tips When You’re Struggling as a Couple – A Collaborative post

Everyone who has been in a serious relationship knows that even the most rewarding relationship will present challenges. Tough periods come with the territory. And while there is no perfect partner out there, the ideal partner is someone you know is worth putting in the work for. If you’ve found that person, these tips will help you make your relationship flourish.

know when to leave a relationship

Know When to Leave

The first step to working on a relationship is deciding whether this relationship is really the one for you. When the relationship is at its best, does it make you happy?

Does your partner bring out the best in you? In part, this decision comes down to knowing your boundaries and recognising if they are being crossed. Sometimes the power balance in a relationship has tipped too far, resulting in an abusive dynamic. Leaving abusive relationships is never easy, but if you find yourself in one, it could be a big mistake to throw everything into repairing things, when you could be saving your energy to repair yourself after the damage that has been done to your self-esteem.

Though it might seem fatalistic, sometimes it’s important to be a realist and know whether you should pick up the phone and call Family Law Solicitors, or call your partner and let them know that you’re ready to work on the relationship.

Forget the Blame Game

Many couples going through a rocky period make the mistake of fixating on the question of who is ultimately to blame for damage that has been done within their relationship.

Playing the blame game may feel productive for a while, but the fact is that this is perhaps the most destructive way you could be spending your time and energy. What happens when the blame game is over?

What are you left with but a fresh crop of hurt feelings on either side and a bunch of things that were said and subsequently regretted? What’s more, you will have exhausted your strength and drained your reserves of compassion without even getting to the bottom of what’s caused the conflict between you in the first place.

The best thing you can do when you’re trying to move forward is to put blame aside, and try to dig deep and find the issues at the heart of your problems.

focus on your strengths a man and woman arguing

Focus on Strengths

Nobody is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. If you’re both honest with yourself, you knew this about yourself, and your partner, when you first went into the relationship.

Of course, you may have let yourself forget about it during those first intoxicating weeks. When you start trying to repair things, make a conscious decision to focus on the things you respect and love about your partner.

Radiating support and positivity will make your conversations more productive, as your partner will feel appreciated, perhaps in the way they did at the start of the relationship.

Creating a safe and supportive space is a great way to foster honesty about your flaws or things you are both struggling with that may be getting in the way. The first step to fixing those things is to be honest about them, and nobody feels comfortable being honest when the atmosphere is critical.

Whether you’ve been married for years or you’ve just moved in together, you will almost certainly face your fair share of challenges. These tips will help you put in the work to repair things when your relationship loses its way.