10 Ways to Rediscover Self Love

Think about a time when you thought, “Wow… I am beautiful.”

“I am intelligent.”

“My hair is lovely.”

“Actually, I’m really funny.”

“My body ROCKS.”

“…I love myself.”

Do you remember the last time you thought to yourself, “I love me”? For many of us, it has been far too long; maybe too long too even remember.

What Is Self Love?

The term “self-love” has been coined as one of most popular topics of the keeping and caring of ourselves. I constantly hear about self-love over social media, the TV, and even over radio talk shows.

As much as it’s preached, are we really practicing the tried and true steps of self-love on a daily basis? Have we forgotten what it means to truly love ourselves?

Ways To Rediscover And Love Yourself

Here are 10 ways to ignite and rediscover the love you have for yourself.

Acknowledge how beautiful you are every time you see yourself in the mirror. It may feel funny at first, but trust me, you deserve to have your reflection smile lovingly right back.

Give yourself a hug. Wrap your arms around your body and squeeze to release those pent-up endorphins. It feels so nice to be hugged by our favourite person!

Take yourself out on a date. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a nice time out. Go to your favourite place; perhaps it’s the bookstore, ice cream parlour or the farmer’s market. Wherever you may go, you deserve to treat yourself.

Indulge in nostalgia. If you had a favourite movie as a child, grab the popcorn and watch it! Looking at old photos of your family from when you were a kid can open the floodgates of good memories, guaranteeing at least a smile.

Give yourself time to slow down, sit down and breathe. This is an important way to recollect from a physically and emotionally hectic day. Breathing deeply in your lungs and through your nose will help your heart rate decrease, thus calm the system.

Self Love Is Important

Choose 10 positive affirmations to tell yourself every day until you believe every word. The power of words is incredible, especially if you speak your affirmations out loud. You’ll memorise them all and adopt them into your daily mantra.

Allow yourself to drop the habitual self-deprecation. Remember to repeat your daily affirmations and leave the negative baggage at the door. Find ways to compliment yourself rather than putting yourself down. The more negatively we think of ourselves, the more we believe it. However, none of these negative aspects are true, and you know it deep in your heart.

Eat nourishing food and drink plenty of water. Yup, you’ve read about it everywhere else and you’re reading it again. Nourishing your body with a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water is truly one of the best self-care methods, period. It will help you feel more energetic and overall, give you a more positive outlook.

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Self Love And Mindfulness

Be mindful that toxic situations will weigh you down on your personal successes. If you find yourself in a toxic environment, promptly remove yourself and carry on with your day. If you’re unable to find solace elsewhere, remember that anything negative said about you means the other person is insecure with themselves.

Devote your life to embracing your true self. Yes, your true self. Every fiber of your complex being is beautiful, and there’s no denying that there is absolutely nobody in the world like you. Love yourself thoroughly, for you are unique and brave to carry on such an incredibly positive mindset.