Well, It’s a little over 5 weeks since my Gastric bypass and so I hopped on the scales after one month for an official weigh in. Of course I’ve stood on the scales a lot more than that, I became a little obsessive checking my weight at the start but that has calmed down now.

One Month After Gastric Bypass

So, after three weeks I had lost 25 pounds. Which I was super happy with. I actually gained half a stone following my operation which I am sure is due to the water and IV antibiotics and liquid cortisol. I had so many fluids when in hospital I kind of expected a huge gain. However after 10 days I had lost almost 10 pounds and then the remaining pounds slowly began to come off.


At three weeks I came to a standstill. Did not lose any more weight. In fact, I’ve been 25 pounds down since week three and thats not changed. I’ve been told not to worry about it. It can be very normal to stall, even when your eating very little food. The body apparently figures out you have been starving and tries to find a way to save every last inch of food you eat.

However, I am on dependent daily on steroids. Without them I would go into adrenal crisis and die so that has to be taken into consideration. There is a high chance my steroid dose will need to be decreased as I lose weight and that it all ready needs decreasing. I’ve lost quite a lot in a short period of time and there is a chance I’m on too much steroids now and I could begin to suffer for that.

It will take several months to have a day curve test completed by my Endo to see if my cortisol levels are right and if they are too high which I suspect they are based on how I’m feeling, then I will probably stay the same weight for a while. All I can do is try my best to follow the diet rules I have and keep to the meal plans.

I have just completed my 5 weeks of pureed foods and by week 2 it was beginning to really suck. I mean seriously. I found it really hard to eat the same things over and over but that is what I have to do while I learn to introduce new foods.

I was on pureed chicken and gravy, pureed mash potato, puree veg, puree soup, puree fish , puree everything. You have to focus on protein first followed by veg and then carbs. I have found cottage cheese goes down well. I have tried a few foods which have made me vomit really bad and so I am avoiding them for another few weeks.

When a food causes stabbing pains inside and then you throw up, you don’t want to try it again. It puts you off.

I found a really tasty soup which I ended up having an awful lot. Glorious Foods Chicken and Orzo and it has spinach and other veg and is full of goodness. I had that blended for 5 weeks but now I am able to have it unblended.

The good news is I do like that one soup but I am kind of tired of it as well so I have to look for new meal ideas.

One thing I found I can have which is probably not ideal is Tuc crackers with cheese spread. Tuc crackers are 25 calories each so with cheese and some tomato the 2 crackers come to about 75 calories which is not too bad for a meal. Thats the only thing I ate before 5 weeks which was not pureed. The crackers tend to melt in your mouth and becomes mush as you chew so goes down okay (slider foods) and as I cant have bread or pasta it was a nice option.

I am allowed 3 meals a day and two snacks but I’m really not much of a yoghurt, custard or Jelly fan so I’ve been sticking to tiny protein meals.

Meals are the size of a yoghurt pot. I’m not starving but I do get hungry every few hours. It’s mentally difficult, seeing food on tv, seeing family eat “real food” and sticking to mash. I miss the freedom of going to have a treat, although I wasn’t having much before my operation. I’ve been dieting 2 1/2 years. The steroids have made it incredibly difficult. At least I could have something nice in moderation.

The good side is I cant eat unhealthy food. I am only on about 600 calories a day from my calculations and have no idea if that is normal or not. The good news is after 5 weeks, I can start mashed foods and I’m really looking forward to that.

Being forced to change your eating habits for life is hard but I can do it! I have to. I could go back to old ways and force my stomach to stretch but that would defeat the whole reason for having the procedure done in the first place. I’m hoping to be healthier and reduce my medications.

The pain from my operation has seriously calmed down and I can sleep comfortable again and get up stairs at the moment using rails on my own.I don’t need John to push me up at the minute. My health does fluctuate so that could change again but I am feeling like I’m finally over the operation and can now focus on healing on the insides and getting the right foods and eating habits for a small stomach pouch.

I also have a goal in a few months to try and get into a swimming pool and see if I can do anything. Who knows! It might work. I have not been in a pool for over 3 years and really want to, even if its just sitting. This is a goal I have.

As always this is a journey and I have so much to write about. Although I’m sharing my 4 week weight loss at 5 weeks and Ive been at a standstill for two weeks now. I’m headed in the right direction even if I’m at a stall. I have lost over 55 pounds since I began to lose weight in Oct 2014 so I’m pleased with that.

You lose then you plateau and then you lose again. Well I hope that is what happens for me.

This is my 4 week update. I have a goal to lose more weight. I’m at 17 stone 9 and hope by the 21st May in another 4 weeks to have got to 17.5. My starting weight was over 21 and a half stone.

Once I get to my next mini goal of 2 stone post op weight loss I will have lost almost 4 stone all together. I must stay strong and eat the right foods and follow the protein first plan! It’s mentally challenging but I can do it.