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Welcome back to my new series Days like These, The last two weeks have been a little busy and crazy and we have had a lot happen. So here is our round up of the things we have been doing here at days in bed.


I recently read a brilliant autobiography written by Caprice called, My Body, My Boys, My Business. I met Caprice a few weeks ago and had my booked signed before bringing it home. It was an interesting and very inspirational read. You can read my review by hitting the link above.



Sylvia has been unwell for three days and has spent a lot of time in her dressing gown, which we purchased from Asda a few weeks ago. It’s very soft even after going through the washing machine.

Dressing gown Dressing gown


Last week we went to watch Peter Pan the Pantomime and at the start of this week we attended Jack and the Bean Stalk. Both Panto’s were brilliant for different reasons. I loved them both and Sylvia got to go backstage and meet Peter Pan and Wendy which was rather special. I wrote two reviews which is great as I started a blog category for Theatre back in October.

Peter Pan Pantomine



At the start of last week I began the Exante diet for a period of three weeks. Unfortunately I really wasn’t too keen on the taste of the products. I then started to feel really unwell, I think it was a combination of coming down with a cold – which affects my adrenal illness and the low calorie diet. It did not work for me and so I decided the best thing for my body would be to stop and so I did.

I wont be trying to follow the plan again. I did not enjoy the food and felt starving. I also gained 2 pounds rather than losing so I’m going back to what has worked for me over the past year and that is counting calories and making good choices.!

This week we also tried out the new Santa Maria Pulled Chicken pack which was absolutely tasty. We all enjoyed it and Sylvia asked to have it again! It was a winner for us and I enjoyed it more than the family mexican night  we made a few months ago.

What I loved about this meal was it only took a few minutes to prepare and it was really filling for all of us! This is a real winner in my book.

Santa Maria


This week I’ve felt overwhelmed, excited and scared as I finally got to start injections for one of my illnesses Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. I’m hopeful it will make a difference to my life, in particular pain, exhaustion, memory, brain fog, weight and muscle weakness.


So far I’ve struggled and felt really ill. I think in part because of this virus which has had a major effect on my Adrenal Insufficiency and energy levels. I’ve also had terrible bone pain in my legs which may be due to the new medication and i’ve had no ability to focus or concentrate meaning it’s taken hours to write just one blog post. I’ll be taking another few days of after today.

This week we have also been really sad due to the fact Yoda our beloved dog was attacked. My husband was on his way home from the morning school run when 2 huge dogs came running towards Yoda and began ripping into his leg.

Dog bite

It was a shocking incident for us all. my husband was a mess and actually cried, It was not a nice thing to happen. Yoda was in so much pain and we rushed him to the vets for treatment. He was put to under while the wound was cleaned and stitched and we brought him back home in the evening.

Dog bite

Yoda has been really sad ever since. He has been quite anxious and clingy and seems really upset. He’s off his food and not very happy. We will just have to help him and work with him on healing and gaining back his confidence. It’s not nice what happened and was so unexpected but we will just have to give him time.


I loved watching my husband and daughter put up the Christmas Tree. It’s something I currently don’t have the energy to do but was fantastic to watch and something I hope to join in with next year.

Christmas Tree

Well it’s been a good week and I have hope that next week will be even better. Can you imagine if my body starts to change. If i’ve had a hormone missing for 7 years what a difference it may make once it’s fully restored into my body in a few months? Fingers crossed!


We were invited to the Pantomimes in return for honest reviews. The Santa Maria product was sent in return for this blogpost.


  1. Hi Angela, how awesome you got to meet Caprice!
    Sorry you’re having a rough time at the moment I hope you get back to feeling yourself again soon. Poor little yoda, it must have been horrible for your husband to see, being so helpless, I mean who lets their dogs just wander the street. I’m sure you will give him all the love he needs and hope that the dog owners get those dogs took off them!

    Pauline x

  2. Sounds like things have been really eventful for you lately, hopefully everyone is better. I really want to take Darcy to a pantomime this year, just looking for one which is suitable for her age

    1. Thanks. i’m hoping so….I think i;m going to be taking a week or so off from blogging and get back into it after Christmas…. it may really help me to get through and with my daughter still being ill, may be a good idea.

  3. What a week of ups and downs!! Poor, poor Yoda 🙁
    But such a magical time putting up the tree and I’m so happy that you’re starting a new course of medication! That’s so exciting and I hope it all goes well. The pantos sound fab and how cool you met Caprice. She’s such a great person. xx

  4. Oh hon poor Yoda 🙁 must have been horrible I hope he has a speedy recovery. Good luck with the hormone I am sure it will be another step on your journey to feeling better will be keeping everything crossed for you. Love the picture of the tree xx

  5. Oh poor Yoda!! I hope he’s well soon Angela, it must have been so upsetting for him. You have had a lot of ups & downs lately – some great opportunities like the pantomimes but then illness & poor Yoda being attacked. I hope everything settles down for you now for Christmas x

    1. It was scary and really did frighten him. I think he will be okay in the coming weeks as its been 5 days and now he has started to perk up a little which is good news.

  6. Poor Yoda I hope he recovers from his awful attack soon how scary for him and your husband. I hope your new injections have a fantastic affect and really make you feel better. And it looks like you had a fantastic time at the theatre and I love your Christmas tree xx

    1. Yoda has not had a good week thats for sure and it stuffed up a few plans including a great job offer for a advertisement he was going to do..but his happiness and wellbeing in more important than any add.

  7. Sorry to hear you and Sylvia haven’t been unwell recently. We had the same at home with all three of us having bad colds at different times. Let’s hope with are all feeling better in a couple of weeks time so we can fully enjoy the festive period 🙂

    1. it has been a week. The pantomime at the start of the week was the highlight and we are just all resting which is probably a good idea before the christmas madness kicks off.

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