My Weight Loss Journey One Year of Healthy Eating

weight loss story

Well, It’s been a while since I wrote a weight loss post and to be honest, I have not lost or gained much weight in over two months. I’m currently 32 pounds down from my first weigh in exactly one year ago.

I haven’t given up on my weight loss or my goal to get to a healthy weight range but, I’ve simply been really unwell since September and lost the drive to lose weight and count my calories.

I’ve eaten less treats and had a few naughty meals and I’ve had lots of healthy meals. A few weeks ago I saw my dietician for the last time before I was discharged.

I’m really pleased that I have lost weight. This is really good news, however there is still a long way to go. I’m eating healthy enough to not gain weight but if I want to keep losing more I am going to have to cut back even more.

I feel I have to cut back more than other people who are not on daily steroids and this is making my weight loss slower, but it makes it more permanent which means it wont all be piling back on. I will try and to get back on track in November and will focus on maintaining my weight through the christmas period. Winter is a hard time for weight loss but I’ll keep at it!

I do want to do something like find a new plan to follow but I’ve not been well enough to really focus on this. I’ll do my best though to read up some more. It feels like I’ve said this a few months in a row and I have I guess… things are just dragging on….but I am 32 pounds lighter than I was this time last year and in my mind that is a huge achievement.

The good news is, a year ago I was about to become diabetic. I was hitting the top of the pre-diabetes range and this was not a good thing. This month, I’ve had a repeat test and I am now back in the lower range of pre-diabetes rather than “about to become diabetic”. I just have to keep going to get into the normal range but I’ve done well and am very pleased with this.

I’ll keep going and hopefully will be able to share more positive changes in the months to come.

Angela x