My Weight Loss Journey- August 

Well I was hoping to write my monthly weight loss post last week, but time ran away with me and I simply wasn’t well enough to write anything extra so I thought i’s leave it until today.

August was an incredibly difficult month and the truth is I struggled. I fell of the healthy eating wagon a little. To be honest I have made some big changes over the past year. My weight lost Journey began in October 2014 and we now use healthier options. We use wholegrain pasta instead of white and eat more salad and veg.

I really do think making small changes a little at a time is a great way to go. We even add sneaky veg into Sylvia’s meals and she ends up eating it without realising. For example John grated three courgettes and then added them to our spaghetti bolognese sauce.

So where did I go wrong? It was a combination of steroids, being out of routine with the holidays and emotions. About 8 weeks ago my steroid meds were increased from 20mg to 30mg and that made a huge difference in my strength and adrenal symptoms and stopped me from getting to the point where I would need to go into hospital.

Having such a big increase in steroids has increased my appetite. I am more hungry. I crave sweet food and crave food’s high in fat..and on a few occasions when I felt a lot of pressure, was under stress or upset I turned to these comfort foods and made not so great choices.

Well it really is not easy. Especially when I’ve done so well for so long. My weight loss has been slow and steady but last month I stumbled. We ate McDonalds twice, I ate some Mr Kiplings Bakewell tarts and scoffed quite a bit of chocolate! I told myself, I’ll eat what treats  I like and once Sylvia is back at school and we are back into a routine, I’ll get into it again.

Meal wise we ate quite well all month. It was just the snack food I bought while stressed and I ate when I felt the extra hunger that comes from being on steroids. So here are my results.

I gained 2 pounds over a four week period. This is my first gain since October 2014. I’m back up to 18 Stone 13 lbs. to be honest in the grand scheme of things, having one gain in 10 months is not too bad and it’s only 2 pounds. However, I will be focussing once more and trying to get back into healthy snacks.

I have a plan to help me lose more weight!

  1. I plan for John and I to cook up lots of meals, in good portion sizes with plenty of veg and healthy goodness in them and freeze them in the freezer. This will not only help us make good choices on the days I’m unwell and John is tired, it will help me to put the right nutrition in my body each day.
  2. I am going to research healthy snack options and rather than buy naughty treats, plan some healthy treats to cover the times I feel extra hungry.
  3. I plan to look into the Diet Chef programme and potentially contact the PR team to see if they might be able to help me out. I have been reading about Diet Chef and it looks like a good option for me. The meals are calorie specific andI’ve never tried the ready style meals- this could potentially work really well for me.

So this is weight loss Journey to date. I could feel really upset and feel annoyed with myself but it’s just a stumble in the road and I really don’t want to give up over something so small. I cannot believe how fast time has gone.

If I can go from 21 stone down to 18.13 in 10 months, just imagine what I can do by the end of the year!

I’m motivated and ready to go once more! Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing my success for September.

I’ve created a quote to motivate me to keep going! This not only counts for weight loss efforts but also for my blogging and life goals too. I hope you like it.


Angela Milnes xxx