My Happy Days Post

Last week was really difficult health-wise. I really struggled to do much without feeling physically drained, nauseous and dizzy. I spent most of the weekend in bed. Despite this, I was able to stay connected with friends and family through social media (which I am grateful for) and able to spend time with Sylvia, which is the most important thing to me. Here is the low down on our Happy Week.

Out and About

During the past week, I’ve had two hospital visits. I went to see the Endocrinologist in Preston and the dietician (endocrine) in Manchester. I’m on a low calorie diet due to my steroid medication and they check my weight every three months. This pretty much meant I had “no energy” to go anywhere else. The Happy news is I’ve lost over 12kg!

I did manage to get out to Sylvia’s assembly, where she was awarded a certificate for “being a great example to everyone”. I was a really proud mummy!


Sylvia went on a trip to “The Pound Shop” to choose a reward for doing well in school. She chose some craft supplies to add to our project box.


Fun At Home

This week Sylvia has been creating capes for her dolls, Ahna and Elsa. We are trying to find less-expensive ways to have fun with her toys! Sylvia made the outfits and I recorded her. We uploaded Sylvia’s “Frozen Show” onto my Days-in-bed Facebook page.

Click on this Link to watch Sylvia’s Frozen Show Part One

and this link for Sylvia’s Frozen Show Part Two

Exclaimer!  We are very new to youtube and therefore it is far from perfect!

However, I have a favourite saying….”It’s all about the process not the end product”!


Time for Me.

Well I’ve really not managed to go anywhere but I have taken time to enjoy a few of my favourite television shows. I’ve had a few cuddles with Yoda our Puppy and had some good chats with supportive and wonderful friends on Facebook.

My Happiest Moment

My Happiest Moment this week was probably when I stood on the scales to see my official weight loss since last October. I’ve gone from 20 Stone 10 to 18 Stone 13. I felt really pleased. I even created my first lot of before and after pics, they can be seen on My Weight loss Page.  

I was twice the size of my friend Esther from By the time I’m done. I plan to borrow her clothes! Ha Ha!

weightloss faeture

I hope you enjoy my post, please share, comment and connect with me.

Angela xx

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