Mummy In Hospital

This is my photo Mummy in hospital. I don’t have much to say except I love this picture. Having cuddles with my girl when I’m in hospital was really lovely. It’s been a tough week for me and for Sylvia but she is doing well and being a strong little girl.

Mummy in hospital

I don’t often talk about the effects having a chronically unwell mum has on a child as it’s a painful subject but there is an effect and it’s not always nice.

I am blessed to have a loving and supportive husband and father for Sylvia he is her rock especially when I’m sick or unwell or in bed or in hospital.

Sometimes I write about the difficulties I have as a mother and as a patient accessing services, being heard and getting support via the NHS and at times I may receive critique for that but at the end of the day, I am sharing an honest account of my experience and my frustrations.

When it comes to being a Mother I want to be well for my child and fighting to get treated right is all part and parcel of fighting to be home and spend as much quality time as I can with my child, something I have a right and deserve to do.

I am let down at times and things do go wrong and sometimes I will speak out and say it. I will also however speak out when I make progress and am heard. This is not a one sided story. It’s not me versus the NHS it’s how we can work together, how they can help better medicate me to be as well as I possibly can and I will NOT back down on that one.

I’ll keep fighting and any mother in my position would. I’ll try to get as well as I can and get the right medication. I’ll stand up when I am neglected or ignored and treated bad and I’ll praise those who do a dam good job.

I wont apologise for telling the truth and wont apologise for getting frustrated. I remain positive so often but sometimes I will need to say how it is and get it out and that is my therapy and my way of staying sane while I go through this medical trial and my way of staying sane as a Mother.

So come what may, this is who I am and i’m not sugar coating real life to please anyone.