Divorce. Death. Poor health. Moving House. That is pretty much the top four most stressful things in life right there. Moving house is the obvious dark horse, but packing up your entire life and effectively starting over once again somewhere else is bound to be stressful. What’s more, moving house is something you have to manage in between, well, life as usual. It is immensely stressful. But what takes it up several notches on the old stress-o-meter is kids.

Moving house with kids adds a whole new dimension to the situation because there is so much more to consider than just yourselves. To help you get a better grip with these considerations, though, and make the move more of a breeze, we have compiled a quick list to help you manage your priorities a little better.

Acceptance Is The First Step

You are moving house, which means you are going to be living among unpacked boxes for the best part of a month, easy. Accept that fact and don’t worry about it. What you should be focusing on is your kid and making sure their transition is as smooth as possible. To achieve this, concentrate on their room first. Get their rooms set up and looking perfect before you do anything else. Don’t even bother setting up your bed until they have everything in place. It will help them relax, and it will help you finish the unpacking.

Last Minute Essentials

What makes setting up the kids room first quite a challenge is that it is going to be the last thing you pack away. You’ll want to keep their room at your old house as unaffected as possible until moving day.

This means things like their cot, their pram, and all other everyday items. Just remember this, and make it easier on yourselves by telling your removals team, such as MyBekins.com, this too. They’ll understand and make sure it gets sorted efficiently.

Space is The Final Frontier

When you get to your new house, and boxes are filling every room, and your kid is crying because they miss your old home and you can’t find the box with their toys in it, you’ll wish you had space to think. So why not start off with space to think. Seriously.

Don’t be afraid to put some of your less pressing items in a container unit. This will give you more space to operate; it will make the process seem less daunting, your kid won’t feel as claustrophobic and, who knows, you may even realise a lot of the stuff in storage you can live without. That’s a lot of birds with one stone.

Cleaning Will be Needed

When you leave a house you are contractually obliged to leave in it the state you got it, which is another way of saying clean. Yup. You are going to need to pencil in some cleaning time once everything is packed and on the truck. This is usually easy. With a kid, though, it is mission impossible. Think about this beforehand by having your partner take them for a walk for a couple of hours, or to the park, or better yet, leave them with a family member, like your parents or sibling. Then get out your checklist of what to clean. Seriously, though, trying to clean while a small child is still in the house will be like trying to rearrange the furniture on the Titanic; pointless.

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