A Mini Guide to Disability Jewellery

When you live with a disability, you give a lot of thought to the simplest of things. These are often things that you would not have previously considered. This covers the big stuff, like getting around your home, as well as smaller considerations, like jewellery.

While other people may be able to grab the latest fashion jewellery, with chronic pain or limited movement, jewellery choices require research and different design choices.

Whether you want to treat yourself, or buy a gift for a loved one, here’s a mini guide to disability jewellery.

Metal Choices – Prevent An Allergic Reaction

The problem with a lot of fashion jewellery is the materials used. This is because the majority of costume jewellery is plated, usually in silver or copper. These two metals can trigger an allergic reaction in individuals who have allergies or sensitive skin, meaning fashion options are often a no go.

So, what metals should you choose? Gold is a great choice for those with a disability. It has a rich history of being used to heal and is believed to possess beneficial properties, including promoting relaxation and boosting circulation. It is also a purer metal, which means it is unlikely to cause irritation. Start your search with jewellers like F Hinds, who have a comprehensive gold collection.  

You could also consider jewellery with gemstones as this is less likely to trigger an allergic reaction in comparison to gold or silver metal. 

Jewellery Clasps and Fastenings

With reduced mobility, it can be difficult to fasten fiddly clasps on necklaces and bracelets. Fortunately, there are jewellery options on the market that have been designed for those with a disability and as such, make use of alternative fastenings.

This could include easy-to-open hinges, clasps that use magnets to make them easy to close and open, as well as memory wire options that do not require fastening at all. These are a great choice for those who suffer with pain, as they can be applied and removed with minimal effort.

Choose Jewellery To Raise Awareness

When considering disability jewellery, it may also be a good idea to support a cause. You can find jewellery for a wide range of charities or to raise awareness. This includes invisible illness including spoonie designs and mental health. This way, you can wear jewellery that shows support for something you care about.

If you are living with a disability, or have a friend or family member with limited mobility, hopefully this mini guide will help you to find the best jewellery.