For as long as I remember I have always loved poached eggs. My mum made really yummy ones and then when I returned to the UK back in 2010, I met Esther. Esther and I created a tradition where we would eat poached eggs, plum tomatoes and rye bread, now that I’ve had a gastric bypass I have to forgo the bread but eggs are a great source of protein and they are a food I am once again able to tolerate.

poached egg

So making the perfect poached egg may seem like a easy process, however some of my eggs have in the past turned out incredibly wrong. Esther taught me a trick which was to use distilled malt vinegar.

The white vinegar when added to the simmering water, changes the PH acidity of the liquid which in turn results in the egg white coagulating much faster and forming the perfect shape.

So thanks Esther for that tip, it has come in handy. So here are the steps for cooking a poached egg.

Step one: Bring water up to a boil in a sauce pan.

Step two: Add a spoon of distilled malt Vinegar.

Step three: Crack an egg into the liquid and cook for 3-4 minutes. You can cook for longer for a firmer yolk

Step four: Take the egg out of the pan and garnish with your chosen seasoning.