I Can Follow My Health And Keep Track Of My Wellbeing With A Daily Record

My health has been pretty bad the past two months and it’s really made life more difficult in terms of parenting, running a blog and living life in general. A friend suggested I start to keep a record of my health, a kind of chronic illness diary, where I can list my symptoms each day, record my feelings and even my medication.

I know following my health and keeping a record is great idea but I just had not gotten around to buying a diary. I’ve been stuck at home quite a lot and just have not felt like going out to the shops.

Pen Haven Filofax For Tracking My Health

Pen Heaven came to the rescue when they gave me the opportunity to review the Filofax Domino Soft Personal Organiser, which is perfect for keeping track of my health.

The Domino Soft Personal Organiser comes in two colours Pink Pearl and Duck Egg. I loved the look of the duck egg filofax and so that’s the one I chose.

A Place To Record My Hospital Appointment

The Filofax is pretty awesome. It has two internal slips, where I will be keeping my prescription list, a pen loop, a secure elastic closure and is made from leatherette.

My new filofax health planner is a diary style organiser with a coloured notepad and double page spread for each week.

It’s just perfect for listing my health symptoms and recording my medication. It will certainly be useful when I visit my Endocrinologist and Heamotologist at the hospital.

This is a great diary for recording a doctors or hospital appointment!

The Cross Beverly Ballpoint Pen

This week I was sent a gorgeous Cross Beverly Pearlescent White ballpoint pen which is absolutely lovely and goes just right with my new filofax organiser. I now have a great diary and pen for keeping track of my health and all the symptoms I have on a daily basis.

I can take my diary and pen with me to appointments and use them to record anything the doctor or specialist says.

The Cross ballpoint pen has a high shine chrome trim with a pearlescent white lacquer finish. The pen is sophisticated and feminine and I just love it. It goes perfectly with the filofax and fit’s into the elastic pen loop just right.

Recording My Health Regular

I’m looking forward to getting more on top of my health, recording how I am doing and having a record that I can refer to and look at when needed.

It’s not easy living with chronic illness and multiple health conditions and tracking my health with these wonderful Pen Heaven items is really going to help.

These items were gifted!