Well it’s been a while since I wrote a Days Like These post. I was very unwell for a good 8 weeks and all the fun of life had almost been drained out of me. Anyway the good news is I feel the joy of life coming back now I’m not as sick as I was and am ready to share some more fun from our family. I’m still not well and I’m still spending a lot of time in bed but not feeling as sick and dizzy and able to do a little more again which has made me happy.

James Bond, IKEA, Cake And Star Wars Lego

We watched

John and I had a date night and watched James Bond on the Sofa. I really enjoyed the movie. John saw it at the cinema a while back and I was pleased to get to see it with him on Friday. I have not watched TV in a long time due to my inability to concentrate very long so I’m pleased I got through the movie and so I enjoyed myself.

We Went

Well apart from health appointments, I’ve been stuck in the home since last year. However I felt well one day last week and we went as a family to Ikea. It was wonderful. We hired an Ike wheelchair as we would not fit mine in the car with the item we wanted to buy! it was a wonderful visit and I felt so inspired with ideas. I saw some lovely settings and now have plans within the next year or so to get a family dinner table.


I also want to have more plants, flora and fauna around the home and we finally got a little wardrobe for Sylvia, which was much needed.


Now she will be able to hang her lovely dresses somewhere and we are quite excited. I know it’s been a week but John has not quite gotten around to putting the wardrobe together and he is going to do it on the weekend.


We went to the Ikea Cafe and had a tasty meal out. It was fantastic. I had mash, Swedish meatballs and berries of some sort. John had a roast beef and Sylvia had a kids meal.


John had a tasty chocolate cake and Sylvia shared a slice of rocky road. This was really great and maybe my last treat as I’m one again back on my pre op diet. Hoping my operation is not cancelled a 4th time.


We Wore

Well Sylvia is a huge Twirly woo fan. I know she is far too old for the age group it’s aimed at and I guess a small part of her enjoys it. She was sent some twirly woos last year as a thank you for a post I wrote and I got the Twirly woo headbands last year when I went to BritMums.

We had fun wearing our Twirly woo head bands to Ikea. It was all for fun and actually was supposed to be only in the car and then when I was half way around I realised I still had mine on and felt a right wally! I don’t like sitting in the wheelchair but sitting in the wheelchair with that on my head was even sillier.


John has been wearing a new Jacket which we were gifted from Scruffs for the purpose of review and he is loving it. Scruffs is a great brand and John now has a fantastic warm winter coat, a Jacket and this new one!

Sylvia has been wearing her Rachel Riley Cardigan a lot. She loves it and I’m thinking about getting another the next size up and maybe in blue. I’ve just been wearing my PJ’s recently so not much to share in the mum department.

rachel RIley

We Made

Well, it’s no surprise that my hubby is a geek, he started a blog several months ago called MrGeekandGadgets.com and as part of his blog/hobby, he has been collecting the Star Wars Lego figures with his pocket money. Well he now has Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Obi wan Kinobi and Kylo Ren. John has loved building these characters and is proudly displaying them on a shelf.

Star Wars

We Reviewed

Well I’ve had a few lovely things to review lately starting with a lovely Memory Bear. I’ve also reviewed Peamutt Butter for the dogs, some gorgeous dog collars and some Fountain of Youth Beauty Products. Next week we are reviewing some fantastic Trolley bags and I’m quite excited about this.

Fountain of Youth Review

I’m glad I’m over the past two months, they were really tough and I have to be honest, It’s going to get harder before things improve especially after having surgery but I will keep plodding on and doing my best to blog as often as I’m able.

It’s been a good week.