I am a Great Mum- Coping through the Summer Holidays

In 2012, I was dreading the Summer Holidays. My daughter would be home all day, 24 hours for 7 weeks. I was at the time a Single Mother struggling with “symptoms” of an undiagnosed illness and the thought of running around after a 4 year old for 7 weeks without a break filled my mind with fear.

I planned activities, cleaned, made meals, did house duties and kept my daughter busy. At the end of each day, I crashed out with my daughter and the next day started over again! I can honestly say I did not enjoy the Summer holidays that year.

During the 2013 Summer Holidays, I collapsed and was admitted to hospital with Adrenal Insufficiency. I was really sick the whole 7 weeks and went in and out of hospital. Again I was unable to enjoy the holidays and spent most of the time in bed.

In 2014, I was admitted into hospital twice in the Summer holidays. I had two major adrenal crisis and again the holidays really were not fun. My husband did his best but it was really difficult and the holidays once again were one big struggle.

This year we are 4 weeks into the 2015 Summer Holidays and I can honestly say this has been the best Summer ever! I’ve still been unwell and I even collapsed last week but I only spent a few hours in hospital which was great. Besides my health being a little better managed, there has been one major difference and that was summer holiday programs and keeping busy.



A good friend told me about local summer holiday activities that were planned for children throughout the holidays. Not all the activities were free. In fact we had to pay a small amount for Sylvia to take part in classes. She attended sports, gymnastics, arts and crafts. She also had fun in the park, we took her to London and she spent two days with her great grandparents. Sylvia has been so busy and having such a good Summer Holiday we have had to turn down activities for the first time.


If I had my health, I would be doing so many great activities which my daughter but I cant and so sending her to fun classes for 2-3 hours a day has given me a much needed time to rest and given Sylvia time to have serious fun! She even had an afternoon on trampolines and loved it!


Next week, Sylvia will be taking part in a week of “Drama School”. The school will be 10-4pm mon-friday. Sylvia really loves drama and dance and this will give John and I a chance to catch up on everything that has piled up over the past few weeks. Seriously, we got back from London washed 3 loads of clothes and then had to pack them again while we travelled to Yorkshire. So when we get back Sunday night, there will be a lot of unpacking sorting, laundry and catching up to do.

At the minute I’m managing to walk around the house without my legs giving in. I can also walk a few meters to the car without needing the wheelchair. This is great. I cannot walk massive distances but short tiny bursts are allowing me to do little things that need to be done. I have more freedom- but I must not over do it! Pacing is essential and spending an hour or so sitting at a friends home and then returning to a room to rest has worked well for me. It ‘s small steps but I have more freedom and have seen a few good friends this week.

I’m really pleased with the progress we have made. I’m pleased I’m not dreading each day anymore. I don’t fear what tomorrow will bring. I am enjoying each day and each moment I have with my daughter. We have fun together and then I rest and each day is a happy day without worry or stress. We take the day as it comes and I simply do my best.

I’m grateful to be a mother, even if I’m an unwell mother. My daughter is my world and i’m grateful to have her in my life. I’m also grateful for the fabulous summer holiday programs in our area and the experiences we have had recently.

With that said, I created a quote which really sums up how I feel at the moment. I hope you like it.




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