How to banish stress when living with a chronic illness – Collaboration

Nobody is free from stress. It’s a normal human reaction to worrying situations. However, living with a chronic illness can make you especially vulnerable. Along with any everyday challenges that people face, a long-term condition adds an extra layer of stressors.

An illness might leave you with increased financial pressures, for example, as well as discomfort and new limitations in life.

People experience stress in numerous ways, all of which can lead to serious health issues if ignored. With that in mind, here are ten ways to banish stress when living with a chronic illness. 

Learn About The Illness

Dealing with a chronic illness is stressful for countless reasons. While the condition itself might cause discomfort and the new limitations in life are frustrating, the lack of control often feels much worse.

Feeling out of control of your own life is enough to bother even the calmest people. Thankfully, you can take some power back by learning more about your illness.

Knowing about your condition allows you to become an active participant in the management and treatment of it. 

Make Time For Yourself

Many people living with chronic illness find themselves dealing with that condition a lot. They might spend hours learning about their illness, receiving treatments, or otherwise managing their symptoms. This is incredibly important, but you shouldn’t allow your condition to take over your life.

In addition to any time you spend on your illness, you must give yourself time to rest, relax, and have fun. Make sure you plan time to spend with friends or even a few hours being alone. 

Work Out Every Day

Exercise offers important health benefits, even to people living with chronic conditions. Depending on the nature of your illness, working out might help you manage your symptoms and improve your health.

Along with these benefits, exercise is proven to reduce stress because it triggers the release of endorphins. However, that doesn’t mean you should start working out right away. Instead, speak to your doctor about the exercises they suggest and any you must avoid. 

Adopt Healthy Sleep Habits

Sleep deprivation can cause the body and mind significant stress. What’s worse is that stress can also disrupt sleep, leaving you in an anxious cycle. Getting enough sleep is particularly difficult for people living with a chronic illness. This is because many conditions and treatments have insomnia as a symptom or side effect.

If you’re struggling to get enough rest, you should speak to a doctor. More often than not, adopting healthy sleep habits is an effective solution. 

Wear A Happy Smile

Smiling is the last thing on your mind when you’re stressed. This is especially true if the cause of your stress is a chronic condition. However, painting on a happy face can trick your brain into thinking you feel happy.

Sadly, many people don’t smile because they’re embarrassed by their crooked teeth. Fastbraces could not only fix this issue but ensure that you spend less time with metal brackets in your mouth. This means that you would have no excuses not to try smiling. 

Spend Time With Friends

Social support is incredibly important for people dealing with illness. The sooner you realize this and develop a support system, the less stressed you would feel.

You shouldn’t and don’t have to shoulder the burden of your condition alone. It’s perfectly fine to accept love and support from people around you. Your friends and family want to help, after all.

Being involved in a close group of friends will also offer a sense of belonging, which is vital if your illness makes you feel isolated. 

Follow A Healthy Diet

Good nutrition is crucial for better health. Although many people assume that food only affects us physically, diet can influence your stress levels too. If you have dietary instructions from your doctor, you must always follow them.

Not doing so could make your illness worse, which would cause unnecessary stress.

Anyone without special instructions should make good eating choices. Make sure that all meals are well-balanced and that you avoid sugary foods and drinks. 

Cuddle Your Furry Friend

Living with a chronic illness is difficult enough without adding a dog to that mix. However, owning a pet can not only lower your stress levels but help you to manage your condition better too.

Support animals allow people to build better impulse control, express their emotions better, and improve sleep quality, all of which make for a less stressful life.

Service dogs might also offer practical assistance to individuals with physical illnesses, by retrieving items and preventing falls.

Focus On Being Grateful

During hard times, it’s very easy to focus on the negatives. Sleep deprivation, discomfort, and financial troubles can easily overwhelm you. Nonetheless, being grateful for the positives is much more productive.

Negativity only leads to further negativity, after all. It’s only when you look for things to be grateful for that you realize how much you truly have.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to remind you of these things. Just reading a few pages can make you feel better. 

Speak To A Professional

Stress can’t always be dealt with alone. Even with loved ones around you to help, you might want to speak to a professional. If you feel overwhelmed by feelings of stress and negativity, you know you should seek expert help.

A doctor can’t immediately make the problem go away, but they can suggest other ways to manage and lower your stress.

Sometimes, the medication you are on could be the cause of all the trouble, in which case, your doctor could offer an alternative.

Stress affects everyone and is a normal human reaction. Sadly, people living with chronic conditions typically face more stress than most. With discomfort and financial troubles plaguing your life, this anxiety can easily become overwhelming.

Rather than learning to live with the feeling, you must work to banish it. While there are many ways to tackle stress, a doctor can suggest the most effective options for you.