Hello well I thought I’d say a little hello today here on The Days In Bed Blog. Last October I started a new blog called The Inspiration Edit, However Days In Bed is still here and looking kind of lonely and neglected so I thought I’d pop in and say hi anyway.

I have been really unwell this weekend. I have adrenal insufficiency and for reasons which I am still trying to work out I have been feeling very weak dizzy and sick. I really hope this can be sorted sooner rather than later as we are planning our first proper holiday in 5 years. If I am unwell then I will travel anyway and simply go to Disneyland and rest in the hotel while my husband and daughter go into the park but fingers crossed I will be well enough to enjoy some half days at least.

I have not been on an areoplane since I developed Adrenal Insufficiency and you are supposed to increase your medication when flying so I will be doing that. I do dream of visiting my family in New Zealand one day and I guess a short flight to France is a good place to start. At least I have my adrenal pump and I can use that in an emergency but I think I am managing it well enough that I feel confident to try a short flight.

Well I will be going away in two weeks and will write an update about how things go.

Angela x

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