Goodbye Cervical Smear! Hello Gynae Check – The Revolutionary New Kit for Cervical Cancer Screening 

I’m not sure if you know anyone who has died from Cervical Cancer, or in fact any form of cancer. Sadly for my family in particularly for my husband John, he witnessed the path of destruction caused by Breast Cancer when his loving mother Susan was diagnosed in the 1980’s. John’s mother suffered terribly before her life was tragically taken by the disease, leaving behind three young boys to grow up without their mother.

In today’s society the biggest form of cancer in woman under the age of 35 is Cervical Cancer. Cervical Cancer is often a slow disease process and the good news is that when Cervical Cancer is detected early, 90% of women can survive.

Preventing Cervical Cancer

The sad reality however is that many woman are diagnosed too late. In fact every year in the UK, 3,100 women are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, a disease that could have been prevented had these woman had what we know as a “Smear Test”.

Smear Tests are free to all woman in the United Kingdom under the Cervical Cancer National Screening programme, but for many different reasons, many woman fail to get a smear done which is something I understand.

How Often Should You Have A Smear Test?

Receiving a cervical cancer diagnosis can be devastating so it’s best to have a smear every three years. Many women however can be afraid of having a smear test and There are so many reasons woman fail to have the simple but life saving test done, for example:

  • Time- Who has time to visit the GP these days? Booking an appointment can often be a pain in the butt. Scheduling an appointment when your working, finding time to get tested without your kids when your a stay at home mum.
  • Painful Experience– Often a cervical smear can be uncomfortable and painful. Some woman find they bleed after having the cervix scraped and other’s feel pain in the tummy, like a period type pain. Why would you want to go and get tested when it hurts?
  • Embarrassment– Not all woman are the same and many woman find Pap Smears incredibly embarrassing having to lay back, flop the legs open and let someone put equipment inside your vagina. Even worse when the doctor is male! Yes, the Doctor has seen it all before but for some of us, what’s private is private and smear tests can be embarrassing.
  • Past Abuse– Some woman may have been sexually abused in the past. Having a smear test might be incredibly difficult for this group of woman and such experiences could cause one to avoid having a smear test done altogether, even when it can save lives.
  • Chronic illness– Many woman, including myself suffer from Chronic illness and may not have the energy to do much each day. Have you ever heard the term “Spoonies”? 

A spoonie is an individual who has limited energy– or a limited number of spoons each day. For example I might have 10 spoons of energy, once it’s used up I can’t do anything else. I may use my spoons to get dressed, eat, shower and do basic things that the average healthy person would do with ease.

No Excuses Smear Tests Save Lives.

For someone who is Chronically unwell, attending a smear test at the Doctors could use up energy reserves for not just the day of the test but days to come and so some woman may, despite the importance of a smear test, simply keep putting it off due to poor health.

There are so many reasons Women fail to get tested, including cultural and religious reasons and too many woman are dying of Cervical Cancer when this does not need to happen.

Well here is the great news and this is something that I am truly excited about! I don’t have to have another smear test ever again and neither do you!

Yes- I’m going to shout it from the roof tops and share this great news with everyone! 

This is what I love about medical science and new technology. As of today, Women all over the UK can opt to use GynaeCheck, a revolutionary new medical alternative to the smear test that can be used from the privacy of your own home. The test is medically approved and is all-ready being piloted in some NHS areas.

What is Gynae Check?

Gynae Check is a new and viable option of testing for the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) which causes 99.7% of cervical cancers. The device is a comfortable and slim tool which is inserted into the vagina and collects a fluid sample from the cervix to be tested in a laboratory.

The Gynae Check Test is as effective as a smear test. It has been tested by 30,000 woman across the world and will in the future be the way forward for Cervical cancer screening in the future.


Testing Out Gynae Check UK

I was given the opportunity to trial a Gynae Check self testing kit myself. The product was delivered via post in discreet packaging. I followed the simple instructions, collected a sample in the privacy of my own home, sent the sample back to the lab via mail and am awaiting the results.

What I honestly loved about Gynae Check was:

  • Saving time and energy by not going to the GP
  • I wont have to have another test for two years!
  • The test was done in the privacy of my own home.
  • The test did not effect my energy levels as someone with chronic illness.


How To Use Gynae Check

Gynae Check literally took a few seconds and then it was over. The device is inserted into the vaginal area, the self sampler tool is pre-filled with non-toxic sterile saline. The fluid is squirted into the cervical area and then sucked back into the tiny tube in a matter of seconds. It really is that simple. The sample is then placed into a test tube and sent for testing.

This was my first Cervical cancer screen where I did not bleed due to scraping and I did not feel pain or discomfort for days afterwards.

I truly am excited to be able to share the news of this new and approved medical technology and I encourage all woman everywhere to have a regular smear test and or check out the New GynaeCheck option!

The device is priced at £129 which is much cheaper than a private cervical smear and well worth the money if you don’t want to take part in the current NHS cervical smear screening program. This new and revolutionary option is now available to all woman in the UK over 25 years of age.

To find out more about this New GynaeCheck cervical screening test, visit GynaeHealthUK Online

The Gynae Check Launch With Dr Pixie Mckenna

When I heard about the GynaeCheck Launch, I could not turn down the opportunity to try out this Cervical Cancer Screening option. I’m really pleased I took part. This is one of the reason’s I went to London in August.

I attended a GynaeCheck event and had the opportunity to meet with other bloggers (such as Katy- from What Katy Said) and to meet Dr Pixie Mckenna.

Together as a group we learned a lot about this revolutionary testing kit and more importantly all about Cervical Cancer.

attending the gynae check event with dr pixie

In two weeks I have the honour of taking part in the Target 100,000 campaign, a campaign to help get 100,000 woman screened to prevent Cervical Cancer. This is something that I feel passionate about and I look forward to sharing what I learnt in London here on the blog.

Angela Milnes xx

This is a review but something I feel very passionate about. All views are honest and truthful and statistics were provided by GynaeHealthUK.