Gastric Bypass Journey Part Two

I’m about to have a Gastric Bypass.

Well, hi there, if you have been following my Journey so far, you may have noticed that my Gastric bypass was cancelled three times. This is because on the day of the operation, 3 times in a row, there has been too many emergencies come into the hospital and therefore the hospital had no choice but to cancel.

They could have let me know in time but I was really let down and on one occasion not even informed when I arrived at hospital, so I sat in a room waiting for my gastric bypass for nothing. That was really nerve wracking. Doing the Liver reduction diet 3 times really was tough as well and the last time they cancelled I went a little emotionally unwell.

I was burnt out and had been messed around for almost two months prepping for nothing and it really did mess with my head and my emotions as well as my body. Anyway, I now have a fourth date and this time I’m having the surgery done at Aintree Liverpool Hospital instead of The Countess of Chester where they messed me about since the start of the year.

It’s Wednesday and I literally have 5 days left to get through this diet and then the operation should hopefully go ahead on the 21st March 2016.

So, I’m doing my diet which is tough. I am struggling. I feel hungry, more so in the evenings and night time. I can handle not having much in the day but night is tough. I have good news. My Zinc, Vitamin D and Iron levels are all back in range after being out of wack on and off. I am taking a daily vitamin and vitamin C and Zinc to prepare my body for wounds and healing.

I’m scared of course and people try to say don’t do it and others say it’s my choice and really I dont care what anyone else says except my husband. The Doctors really believe this is best for me and I think the benefits will outweigh the risks. I hope so.

I’m going to be really unwell. I’m going to be so ill in fact that I’ve been told to expect to be stuck in bed worse than usual 4-6 weeks. I wont be well enough to blog. I’ll do my best but I may end up writing few posts during April. I just don’t know. We shall have to see what happens.

I have about 5 reviews due on the blog and two sponsored posts. I have written some and will work hard for the next two days to get what I can done before I go in. I’ll also then have to do one post a week or something until I have met my commitments.

I’ll write about my experience and try to Vlog as well if I can. I have just felt too sick to vlog though to be honest and after the first 2 weeks of the liver shrinking diet my vlogs were halted for a while, so I hope to do one or two more of these before and after my procedure.

I’ll get John to take a few photos too and if I’m up to it share somethings on Instagram or twitter. Well, 5 days left and I am going to go through one of the most difficult times of my life. I know it is going to be really hard physically and emotionally and I’ll do my best to get through and to be there as much as I can for my daughter too.

Luckily my Mother will be in the UK in a months time and Sylvia will get to hang out with her grandma during the half term break and I’ll be able to rest. I’m scared but I’m ready and I can do this.