Gastric Bypass Journey One


Well I have 6 days to go until my Gastric Bypass and it’s day 8 of the Liver Shrinking Diet. Sticking to this diet has not been easy as I’ve felt really hungry and wanted to eat. I’m not wanting Junk food, I don’t usually eat junk anyway, I just want to eat something other than milk or eggs and a slice of ham or chicken etc. It’s not easy and I’m battling through and proud to say I have stuck to the Liver Shrinking Diet 100% so far and I am hoping for some awesome results at the end of the two weeks.




So as I started my diet, I did get some judgemental comments and unsupportive comments from certain people, who in my opinion are just jealous that I am living my life and doing something about my heath issues. However the majority of people have been super super supportive and I’m really pleased and grateful. So thanks to everyone who has sent me kind and supportive messages.

My Husband has been really supportive. He has not eaten anything really nice in front of me to tempt me, except on Saturday night when he stopped by McDonalds on his way home and brought with him a Double Cheeseburger. I was not impressed. He could have eaten it before he came in but hey, it was just another obstacle I had to overcome.

I have been eating rather healthy for the past 18 months anyway, but when your food intake is restricted and limited it’s not easy seeing other people eat nice things in front of you.


My biggest difficulty during the first week has been feeling hungry and accomplishing something major. I achieved a 2016 blogging goal and immediately thought “man, I’m so pleased, I need to treat myself”. Then I thought, “Oh I cant. I’ll have to give myself an hour of TV instead”. I’m trying to change my thought patterns.

It’s so so easy to reward yourself or comfort yourself with food whether it be good healthy or unhealthy. It’s a mindset we are taught from a young age. In my daughter’s class those who stayed on Green all week for good behaviour were given a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

I think focussing on good behaviour and praising is much better than focussing and giving attention to those who don’t behave at school. However at the same time, food rewards reinforce the thought pattern to eat for celebration. Maybe it would be better to give the kids a prize, like a pencil or a cute rubber or pencil sharpener. It’s just a thought.

My point is that in life I’ve always had the thought, to celebrate a win, an achievement or good thing with food. It’s part of the culture I grew up in but now I am going to have to change this mind set as I start to build a whole new relationship with food.

I am super super pleased with my self as i have stuck to my diet 100% and I hope to lose a small chunk of weight before the big day next week.

I am nervous but I’m not over worried. I know everything will be okay. It’s just going to be hard, and a life changer. I’m doing it for the right reasons, for my reasons. I hope to be slimmer, healthier, happier, more confident, to look good, to be able to have more energy, to reduce my steroids and increase my chances of being well enough to have a second child in 2 or 3 years time.

So I have 3 appointments at hospital this week before my operation on Tuesday.

I’ll report back again soon.