No one is invincible, and everyone gets rundown every so often. It’s usually a busy lifestyle that contributes to it, and sometimes that can’t be helped.

However, from a physical point of view, it’s not going to help to run yourself into the ground constantly.

So here are five signs that your body needs a break and that you should take a moment for yourself.


You’re Constantly Tired

Your body needs rest in order to get the energy you need to function for the following day. Without that good, quality sleep, you’ll always be trying to catch up on yourself, and that can be tough.

You may find that you’re constantly feeling tired at the moment and that can be hard, especially when you’ve got to go to work and have an active social life at the same time. If you’re struggling to stay awake and are compensating for it with too much caffeine and energy drinks, then you might want to look at what’s going on currently that’s making you exhausted.

It could be something that you could tackle to remove like stress in work, or it might be that you’ve got children and it’s becoming exhausting. This might then be a case of having to cut out other things that take up your time so that instead, you can work on getting more sleep and have a rest day or two.

You Find Yourself Snapping At Loved Ones

It’s not always immediately recognizable that your body needs a break. You could be full of energy and feeling ok, but one of the main signs is when you begin snapping at your loved ones.

It might not be anything noticeable to you at first, but friends and family will always be the first to call out bad behaviour when it’s directed at them. You might simply be snapping at them in response to their questions or just not wanting to engage in conversation.

We certainly lash out at those who are closest to us and so if you find yourself snapping at loved ones, then it’s definitely worth taking a deep breath and apologizing. They’ll certainly understand if you’ve realized that you’re mentally drained and need to take some time out.

You’re Getting Sick More Often

Throughout the year, we can be prone to illnesses, whether that’s the common cold or something a little more serious. It’s our body’s way of telling us that we’ve maybe pushed ourselves too far or that we’ve just been slack in our hygiene and it’s something that’s been caught from someone else.

However, there’s getting sick on occasion and then getting sick constantly. It might not be a severe sick bug but it could be regular headaches or feeling sick constantly. You may find that you’ve had a cold several times over the past six months and these are all signs that tell you something isn’t right.

In this instance, it’s always good to approach your doctors to check everything’s ok, but it might simply be that you need a break.

It’s always important to go for annual health checks as ongoing health issues can cause your body to run down. Check out Miracle-Ear’s collection of innovative hearing devices if you feel like you’re hearing has changed or if you’ve got a dental problem, book yourself in asap.

These types of bodily problems can be more problematic on the entire body.

Working Out Is Harder Than Normal

When your body is tired, there’s nothing worse than working out. Your muscles are going to likely be sore, and to do any type of exercise is difficult.

If you’re noticing a dip in your workouts, whether that be a poor attitude to working out or struggling in a normal routine you’ve done hundreds of times before, that might be a sign.

Working out is always harder when your body needs rest, and you’re only going to cause more damage to your body if you do that.

You Have Trouble Concentrating

It’s very common that you have trouble concentrating and doing simple, daily tasks when you’re worn out. From doing chores around the home to sorting out your household finances, you may find it’s a struggle to concentrate on something and instead you find your brain wandering elsewhere. That’s your body telling you that it needs a break and it’s ok to take time out. Listen to your body!

Life can get busy, but there’s always time to focus on you and your health. So take a break when you need it and never feel guilty.

*This is a collaborative post