Finishing Touches for the Bedroom

Everyone needs to sleep. In fact most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Some adults can function on as little as six hours sleep, whereas others may need ten hours to per night to be able to get through each day. Whether you are a parent or not, whether your healthy or chronically unwell the one thing we all have in common is that we all need sleep!

As the title of my blog suggests I personally spend a lot of  “days in bed”. Sometimes I am sleeping, other times I’m on bed rest or sitting typing a blog post. Somedays (when I’m really unwell) my daughter loves to snuggle up with me under the blankets. In fact when I asked my child “what is the most important piece of furniture in the home?” she told me without any reservations “the bed”.

I love my bed and I love to feel comfortable and relaxed. My husband and I are both originally from Yorkshire. Since moving to Lancashire last year we have worked to make our bedroom beautiful and peaceful. We saved up for our dream drawers and created our own bespoke wardrobe.

Once the room was organised, I created a small list of the dream items which would give our bedroom the finishing touches I desire. I wanted items that could add a little sparkle to the decor and help create a more luxurious feel.

The items on my wish list were:

-A Beautiful Duvet

-Fluffy Pillows

-Golden Curtains

-My Dream Chandelier from Laura Ashley. It is the Vienna Ceiling pendent! I love it!


-The Ikea Rektangle Vase- which is absolutely gorgeous. A bargain at £3


Adding the finishing touches to our room is a work in progress. I am currently saving for medical treatment which takes priority over our finances. However my husband and I managed to find the perfect curtains for our room at a very reasonable price.

In May I purchased my vase on our trip to Ikea and this week the room was made more luxurious with a beautiful duvet set from The Yorkshire Linen Company. Below is a photo of the duvet I got! It is gorgeous.


The above picture is not my room, but a collage to demonstrate my dream items.

The new duvet cover is ideal for us. I love the cream cover with the textured quilt effect and the golden strip. The textures feel great and the duvet matches our curtains perfectly. The room looks fabulous and the only item left on my list is my dream Chandelier. One day I will get the chandelier I dream about but until then, I am really happy with the beautiful bedding that graces our bed and creates the relaxing atmosphere required to get much needed rest.

Angela Milnes

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  1. Such beautiful items you’ve got on your wish list, and what a great idea to make a peaceful, tranquil haven for your bedroom too. I look forward to hearing about the chandelier one day 🙂 X #HomeEtc

    1. Thanks Fionnuala. (I love your name by the way!) A little at a time and with blogging I can do it up how I want sometimes at little cost! A lovely and peaceful atmosphere makes a world of difference.

      Angela xx

  2. I bought these really warm soft sheets from the warehouse in New Zealand. they are like fleecy I love them. James our son was snuggling in my bed and commented on how he loved the sheets and said his bed was cold. so we bought him a pair too. When we hop in bed in the winter it is no longer they sell these sheets in uk.

    1. I’m not too sure! I’ve not come across any fleece style sheets but i bet there are some! I’ll look out for them! Thanks for commenting. Angela xxx

    1. Thanks Rachel. The bedding is lovely and it is nice to such a relaxing area! Only thing is everyone wants to be in here, dog included and it becomes a bit of hang out area… even this minute my child has sneaked into the room and is singing beyonce “SIngle ladies” making me laugh to avoid being told to go back to bed lol!..but once she has settled down it should be a little more peaceful! Angela xx

    1. This is my dream Chandelier. I Was looking for one for three years and i finally found it! Now I just need to make a deal! lol Thanks for popping over!
      Angela xx

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