Father Christmas Needs A Wee – Christmas Activity Ideas

Today on the blog I am sharing a fantastic Christmas book called Father Christmas Needs A Wee by Nicholas Allan. I really love this book. It is a simple and easy read for young children. With fun rhyming words and simple sentences this book can be very fun to read.

Today I will be sharing a few ways you can use this book to extend children’s learning and interest in the story and sharing some great Santa craft ideas, activities and book themed ideas.

Christmas Activity Ideas Based on the Santa Theme

Make Homemade Lemonade

Father Christmas needs a wee because he drinks too many drinks as he visits children’s homes to deliver presents. After reading this book you could pick out one of Father Christmas’ drinks and try making them with the kids. For example you could try making some homemade lemonade and lime juice.

Maths and Counting.

This is a great book for counting. Why not create a card game matching toys to the correct number on Santa’s toy sack. This could get children counting and having fun with basic numbers whilst discussing the story. This is a great way to include maths at Christmas time.

Watch Father Christmas Needs A Wee Online. 

Most stories can be found being read on youtube. Why not look up the story and read along as someone else reads the story on the computer.

Santa Craft Ideas

Why not try creating a piece of Santa Art. You could use a toilet roll (keeping in theme) with Santa needing a wee and make the loo roll into a Santa. Use cotton wool or toilet paper for Santa’s beard. There is so much you could do and many ways to create the perfect Santa craft.

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Make Santa Brownies

You could make fantastic Santa themed brownies. An easy idea are these fantastic Santa Belly Brownies. They are fun simple and easy to decorate. You can bake the brownies from scratch or buy some ready made from the store and simply do the decorating part. Either way this is a fun idea and is sure to go down well.

Santa Belt Brownies

I hope you like these suggestions and ideas for using this book to have fun and help kids learn. Do you have any other ideas? Which one do you like the most?

Angela x

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