Escape the Rat Race One

Welcome to my first instalment of Escape The Rat Race. This is a new monthly blog post which I am super happy to be writing. My whole life, I grew up on the poverty line. My father struggled to find work for many years and we grew up budgeting, recycling and making do with hand me downs. It wasn’t a bad thing, but not having what others had gave me the drive to work hard and find a way to make sure I could have a better financial future.

My sister and I both worked hard, we studied and studied. I did not go out to parties and mess around at school. I would be in the library memorising, studying and doing all I could to get the grades. Eventually I left high school with some of the top results in my year. I entered uni and 8 years later I was a Head Teacher earning great money.


Escape the rat race


After my child was born, everything went downhill. I became unwell, I could not work and despite all my efforts to get better my health has not improved. I married a wonderful man who also had to give up work to care for me and once again I found myself back on the poverty line.

It’s been a struggle and to be honest, I could have admitted defeat and settled for a disability benefit for the rest of my life. I cant do this! I’m a worker, I want to give my family a better life and contribute tot he world we live in.

I started my Blog at the start of 2015. It’s been one heck of a year. I’ve worked hours and hours blogging and promoting, in between sickness and being the best mum I can. I set a goal for our family to get off the poverty line and to eventually earn a full time living. I have so many ideas, the one thing slowing me down being my illness.

I try to schedule one blog post to go out every single day. I don’t always do this, some days are spent in bed unwell and on a better day, when I’m still in bed but feeling more able, I’ll get ahead and write one or two posts.

So here I am at the start of 2016. This is the year for me and my family to break free from poverty. We have been blessed with lots of opportunities and some lovely items to review but i need to earn real cash, cash which will allow us to pay all the bills, pay for my medical treatment and one save save for a mortgage.

I’m not going to let my illness and disability stop me from succeeding. I will work hard this year. January and February are going to be difficult, I’m having a life changing operation and this is going to have a major affect on my blogging, but come March, I plan to pick up the pace and continue in the direction i’m headed.

You cant earn a decent income blogging unless you work hard for months and years and I will do just that. I will be accepting more sponsored posts once I’ve recovered from my operation. I’ll be looking for advertising and opportunities to monetise my blog. I will be vlogging more often and doing my best to escape the rat race.

I’ve written a blog post called My Blogging Goals for 2016. I will also be setting individual monthly goals starting from February. For now, I will simply aim to get my posts out each day and engage on social media maintaining my pace and doing what I can to get more page views and followers.

My Blogging Goals


This is my year and I hope by the end of 2016 that my family will be one hundred percent self sufficient. I do have health obstacles to overcome, waiting for my growth hormone injections to work, getting through my operation and fighting to get this Adrenal pump but I wont let this stop me. I am going to escape the rat race no matter how long it takes.


A Cornish Mum


  1. I hope your operation goes well lovely, good luck and it is amazing how much you have accomplished in just a year. You should be so proud of yourself and I hope that everything goes according to plan x x

    1. Thanks Ana. I have my husband helping me and lots of time stuck in bed so i work hard when I can…it is amazing. I guess i just had a goal and will do whatever it takes to make it! 🙂

  2. Best of luck Angela, you deserve a break and I’m sure 2016 will be your year if you put that enthusiasm and passion into it. Hope the op goes well too x

  3. Best of luck with your op and your blogging! I love the new look 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your lovely family 🙂

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