Escape the rat race

Escape The Rat Race February

Welcome back to Escape The Rat Race February. January has gone fast and so much has happened I just cant keep up. I’ve managed to keep posting as much as I could over the past few weeks and am pleased with my blogging progress to date.

I must admit, due to being more unwell this month, I’ve spent most of the month in bed. I barely left the house except for a few appointments and I’ve felt like a swan beautiful on top but frantically paddling underneath. I have spent many days sleeping and resting and then some mornings and evenings trying to keep afloat on the blog and social media.

It’s been hard to concentrate and focus and it is a miracle I have managed to get through. My sweet hubby has been supporting me and caring for me. He created my media pack, did photo shoots, has helped with technical things and taken photos for My Sunday style series. This is a team effort.

Reviews and Competitions

I reviewed so many fantastic products, a Philips Juicer, Hope Relief Shampoo and Conditioner, The Disney Book Convergence and we have just recently received an amazing £495 Memory foam Mattress which I will be writing about in February. It is so so comfortable. I ran two competitions in January both books, one on autism and one for Kids as part of the #KLTR Linky.

Published and Featured

At the start of the month, I was published twice in one day on The Mighty. I could not believe it but it happened. I wrote submitted these articles back in December and they came out in January. Woohoo!

Why Fighting to get well is like Climbing a Mountain

When your waiting for a Wheelchair Accessible Home

I was featured on the BritMums Blogging Tips Roundup for my post on How to make a Grab Badge

I was  also featured on Punky Mama as 1 of 22 Inspirational Women Doing Good Things

Also an old post was picked up and featured  in 10 Must Read Posts to help your kids get hooked on Books over at

Appetite For Education.


Well I managed to increase my Twitter stats to 9,500 and realised that both December and January were the first time I’d ever made over 1 Million Twitter Impressions. I was very pleased with this result.

My Instagram has grown by 200 and my Facebook by 100 which is a good progress.

I had a post do really well reaching over 9,800 views on the day it went live. That is my best views in one day so far.

I managed to double my usual page views which was more than my original monthly goal.

Plans for this Month

Well I will be having my Gastric Bypass in three days and expect to be off from blogging for one to two weeks and then slowly get back into it. February is going to be my quietest month ever and I expect much lower stats this month.

I do have three reviews planned, the new Mattress, a Mothers Day product and a Theatre visit (for John and Sylvia). I will not be attending. I also have two collaborations planned, one for Feb and one for March.

I plan to write one Guest Post this month to be posted in March on another blog.

February Goals

Vlog about my weight loss Journey Weekly

Reach 10000 followers on Twitter

Reach 140 You Tube Followers

Stay in the top 500 of the Tots100 Board

Get my DA above 30 (It is stuck at 29 until the next run)

Review 2 Items

Spend 2 hours a week researching how to make money as a blogger

Plan a new Blogging Tips Series to begin in March while in hospital

I don’t want to set unrealistic goals or make it too difficult to achieve. These will be my main goals for February and I know I can reach them if I set my mind to it and work hard. Hard work is the key to success.


Blogging Friends Achievements

My friend Chloe from Life Unexpected won Blogger of The Year 2015 From the Bloggers Lounge. Well done. I have my own goals but it is great to celebrate the successes of my friends as well.


Please follow my Gastric Bypass Procedure and Operation. I shall be posting on Social Media when I am able.


Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday