Do I Need Donor Eggs To Conceive? 

You’re over 40 and finally ready to have a family. This is becoming more common as women wait to have children in order to fully devote themselves to a family rather than a career.

While it’s entirely possible to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term later in life, the likelihood of doing so declines rapidly after 35. There are many different potential hurdles for women over 40, but don’t become discouraged – there are options for everyone to start a family.

Do I Need An Egg Donor?

If you’ve struggled to become pregnant through traditional means or IVF, may be the answer you’re looking for. There could be many reasons for needing an egg donor including invisible illness or conditions you are simply unaware off.

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Consult a Medical Professional For Donor Egg IVF

Since we’re all unique individuals, we all experience different journeys in trying to conceive a child. If you’ve tried natural methods of getting pregnant and are beginning to feel discouraged, it may be time to consult a medical professional to rule out potential causes of infertility.

Just because you’re struggling now, doesn’t mean children aren’t in your future. It just means you may have to consider alternative methods, like using donor egg ivf.

How Age Affects Infertility

As a woman ages, the finite number of eggs in her ovaries also begin to age. This is a natural process and common issue when it comes to infertility. Some women can suffer from ovarian failure or other conditions that make it necessary to have an egg donor.

No matter how active, healthy, or fit a woman is, the fact remains her eggs age at the same rate as she does. Older eggs are less likely to result in a healthy pregnancy.

There are other medical reasons a woman may want to consider donor eggs. These issues, which can be determined by a medical professional, include but are not limited to health issues restricting a woman’s ability to produce eggs, previous failed IVF attempts, or the onset of premature menopause.

What to Expect with Donor Egg IVF

Once you’ve made the decision to use donor eggs, the process is straightforward leading up to the actual IVF process. Prior to beginning the process, you may sign up with a donor egg bank.

It’s important to note all egg donors are thoroughly screened and undergo extensive medical, psychological, and general health exams prior to being accepted. Rest assured the donors you see in the database are healthy, qualified donors.

Choosing An Egg Donor

You’ll have an opportunity to select the best candidate for you and your partner. Whether you decide academics or an aptitude in athletics are more important, the choice ultimately lies with you.

You may want to pick an egg donor who bears a resemblance to you.

There are no wrong choices when it comes to selecting your potential donor.

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Feel Confident in Your Egg Donor Decision

By doing plenty of research and remaining as objective as possible through the process, couples will be well prepared when making the decision to use donor eggs.

If any of the health issues above sound familiar, or if your struggling to get pregnant naturally, the next best step is to contact a professional at a donor egg bank or fertility clinic.

Ask every question you can think of – the information you receive will help you on your journey of beginning a family.

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