Well, It’s officially 13 weeks and 4 days since my Gastric bypass. I started my weight loss Journey in October 2014 and weighed in around 21 stone 5/7 ish. I went on a strict calorie counting diet until March 2016 when I had my gastric bypass. I was only allowed 1200 calories a day and it was really tough.

On the day of my operation I weighed 19.5.  It’s been 12 long weeks and with all the sweat and tears and the pain, vomiting and inability to eat as I used to I have finally reached 3 months out. Each day gets a little easier but it has been a rough ride and I’m still not fully recovered.

I’m now supposed to be able to eat lots of different foods again in small amounts but there is so much I cannot eat. I cant have red meat (except mince). I cant have tuna yet, eggs do not go down well. I cannot eat bread or pasta or salad.

I can eat cheese, tomatoes, fruit, crackers, potatoes, some veg, rice and soups. I went on a sushi lunch diet for a week because I discovered I could eat it and so I indulged in a mini pack of sushi each day. I also bought sushi seaweed and when I’m feeling a little better I will try and make some on my own!

Anyway, this leads to today! I weighed in on my new scales. We were sent some Beets Blu Scales which are sold on Amazon. The scales are super smart. They are wireless Bluetooth scales and they measure weight, muscle mass, fat percentage and hydration levels. They also work in both lbs and KG.

Beets Blu

So I opened my scales today and we tested them out. They are really quite sophisticated and look really nice. The scales do the job but what I like is that these scales can connect by bluetooth to Android or IOS and will save and record my weight. This is brilliant as I can track my weight loss regular and I think that is a brilliant option.

What made today even more special was that I weighed in and took the challenge against my husband John. I have always weighed more than John and have been slowly over the weeks getting close to his weight. Today we took the challenge and weighed ourselves and I’m pleased to announce I officially weigh less than my husband. That makes me feel great!

So today was great. I am 5 Stone lighter than when I began my weight loss Journey. I am lighter than my husband and I have a new set of wireless smart scales which are really quite fancy and cool. I made a video to mark the moment I found out I weighed less than John. Your welcome to watch.

Disclosure: The Scales were sent for the purpose of this blog post. All opinions are my own.