The Dangerous Book For Grandads Review

the dangerous book for grandads

I recently received a book to review called The Dangerous Book For Grandads. I loved the sound of the book and thought it would make a great Christmas present for my dad, who has 7 grandchildren. I really did not know what to expect. Having read the book I told my husband, I don’t think I want to give this book away, I want to keep it for our bookshelf, it’s so great.

Written by Jeremy Hobson, The Dangerous Book For Grandads offers plenty of ideas to help grandfather’s get into mischief with their grandkids. What I love the most about the book is it’s based on the past times that kids got up to many years ago, some which i recognise and so I found myself going on a nostalgic journey as I read the book.

The Dangerous Book For Grandads ReviewThe book is fully illustrated and comes in a scrapbook style. The images did remind me of my childhood. I loved the photo of riding down the stairs on a sleeping bag, sitting on the bus and playing marbles. it’s the simple things I did as a child which I sometimes feel are missed in today’s world due to the television, internet and smart phones.

The Dangerous Book For Grandads Review

I love that this book reminded me of my childhood. I loved the ideas and found it really fun to read. Sylvia loved reading the book with me and it gave her plenty of ideas of new things to do when she says “she’s bored.

This really is a fabulous book of ideas for things to do with kids, be it the grandfather or the parents and I think in the coming weeks, we may try and attempt some of the suggestions in the book.


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