Does My Child Need An Eye Test

This week we took my daughter to SpecSavers for an Eye Test.  Having a regular eye test as a child is really important. Babies have routine eye tests soon after birth, at 6-8 weeks and as toddlers around 2.5 years.

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Children generally have an eye test at age 4 or 5 when they start school and then it is recommended by the NHS that you test your child’s eyes every two years. Eye Tests are really important. Sometimes children don’t realise they have a sight problem and the sooner a problem is identified the better for your child’s learning and development.

So, during our visit Sylvia underwent a number of tests. Firstly she had a quick pretest with an optical assistant. This was to check her eyes were healthy enough to have a complete eye test and takes around 30 seconds.


Once the pretest was complete, we waited in the room for the Optometrist. During the actual eye examination Sylvia had her short and long sight tested. Sylvia was given a chart with letters to test if she could read close up and then asked to read letters on a screen for long distance testing.

Following the short and long distance tests, Sylvia’s eyes were tested with a number of machines and tools. Firstly Sylvia had a photograph of the back of her eyes taken using  digital retinal photography. This allows the Optometrist to look at the health of the eye and check the blood vessels for poor eye health or signs of conditions such as diabetes.

eye test

Sylvia then had some reflex tests to test the way her eyes responded to light. This is done using an ophthalmoscope, which magnifies the eyes and produces a light that allows the eyes to be examined clearly.

eye test

Sylvia was given 3D red and green glasses to wear. This was to check her 3D vision. She then had her range of movement checked to test the strength of her eye muscles.

eye test

The optometrist also used an ophthalmoscope and a retinoscope to do further tests for my child’s eyes. At the end of the test we were told she has 20/20 vision and she will not need another eye test for two years.

eye test

Having an eye test was a fun experience for my daughter. She really enjoyed it although she was a little worried she may need to wear glasses. The good news is SpecSavers have special glasses designed for kids. From Disney princesses to Frozen, Star Wars, Moshi Monsters and The Gruffalo.

eye test

Recently Specsavers launched the Disney Moana glasses. Moana is the new Disney movie about to be released here in the UK. My daughter Sylvia was excited to try on the Moana glasses. Although she wont be needing any we took a good look at the range and they are really cute.

eye test

We thought the glasses were cute and Sylvia really liked them. Visiting Specsavers was a positive experience and Sylvia’s eye test went really smoothly. Children in the UK are entitled to free eye tests and I recommend taking your child to get tested every 2 years or earlier if you have any specific concerns.


  1. I always went to many eye tests when I was younger and will encourage my own children to do the same too, sight is such an important thing and with the cool options now, it’s a lot more fun too! 🙂

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  2. This has made me really think about getting my daughters eyes tested. I didn’t realise the tests were free and that they were recommended every 2 years. It seems to be cool to wear glasses now too

    1. I know. I didn’t really know much either about how often it need to be done and that it was free for kids. So glad I took Sylvia and got the test sorted!

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