Before returning to England almost 10 years ago, I lived in New Zealand. My parents had a large section and garden at the back of our house was where my dad kept our Chickens. I remember how pleased Dad would feel each day when he went to collect the eggs and bring them back to the house to cook.

Chickens, Chicken Coops and Family Memories

Chicken Coup

Dad not only had chickens, he had a Cockerel too and began breeding his chickens. In Christmas 2009, Dad had a whole lot of baby chicks hatch and I remember him preparing them for life in the garden.

Chicken Coup

Sylvia was just a baby back in 2009 and she loved to visit the baby chicks and play in the garden with the older ones. Sylvia would play for hours in the Garden and having Chickens is something remember with fondness and something we miss a lot.

Chicken Coup

My friends in our village in Lancashire recently got some new chickens and it’s something I’d be interested in having once my health is more stable and when we are living in a more suitable location. Chickens are not too difficult to look after and I love the idea of organic eggs from happy chickens who can roam the garden and live happy lives.

Finding A Chicken Coop In The UK

Do you have Chicken’s or have you thought about it?

If so then there is an “Eggcelent” UK website for ordering Chicken Coops and Houses called Egg Shell Online.

Eggshell is one of the leading Chicken Co0p suppliers in the UK and have a wide variety of options to choose from. I’ve taken a good look at the website and have chosen my two favourite Hen Homes which I;d like one day when we get our own Chickens again.

chicken coup one

The Windsor XXL Chicken Coop

The first Chicken Coop is the XXL Windsor Chicken Coop. This coup is a good size, has 2 perches, fox proof locks, rear ventalation holes, a sliding door and works with an Extension chicken run. This Coop is perfect for 5-8 birds which is how many hen’s I’d have in my coup.

The Second Coop I like is the Betty Air on Wheels. This is a portable coup, easy to move around. This house has 4 perches and a nesting box. It can also be joined to an optional run and the legs are encased in plastic to prevent rot.


I think having Chicken’s in the Garden is a fantastic idea and can be an educational learning experience for young children too. I enjoyed writing this post and looking back on the memories when Sylvia was a baby. Hopefully in the future if and when we get a few chickens we can purchased a lovely coop to house them in. How about you? Do you have chickens? Which Coop would you choose?


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