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Last year I had the pleasure of reading the autobiography of Caprice Bourett. I met Caprice at the 2015 MumpreneurUK Conference and Awards after being nominated as a finalist in the Voice Category.

I have to say Caprice’s keynote speech was awe inspiring and when it was announced that she was signing copies of her new autobiography, I had to get a copy, I wanted to learn more about this amazing woman’s life.

At the end of the night I came away not only with the winning trophy as the 2015 MumpreneurUK Voice Winner but I also had a signed copy of the Autobiography which was fantastic.

After all the hype and celebrations had died down, I began reading the autobiography and I was blown away by the work ethic, life lessons and experiences shared.


Caprice starts out by sharing details of her earlier years followed by her Journey towards becoming a Supermodel. The early years clearly demonstrate that life was not always easy and that in order to realise her dreams she had to work hard and sacrifice a lot including living close to family, something I can certainly relate to.

Working as a model was not always smooth sailing. There were times when Caprice considered packing up and going home, yet she endured so much, following her dreams and eventually found herself modelling in the United Kingdom. The Autobiography shares  life as a model and her experiences in the public eye. What I love the most is that from day one Caprice was financially savvy. She saved hard and invested in property developments, a real business woman from the get go.

I really enjoyed reading about Caprice’s love life. She shares her experiences with men, from innocently dating the captain of the High School football team, to dating high profile men, having fun, being cheated on and eventually falling in love with Ty the love of her life and father of her two sons Jett and Jax.

Caprice Bourret

What really struck a chord with me, and something I could really identify with was Caprice’s experience with chronic illness. She suffered from and overcame Chronic fatigue syndrome, something I struggle with and then went on to have difficulties trying to conceive

After suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage, and several unsuccessful IVF attempts Caprice and Ty made the brave decision to use a gestational carrier or surrogate to carry her child.

I loved reading about surrogacy from a Mother’s perspective and that of the surrogate whose own story is also recorded in the book. Brilliantly Caprice discovered she had conceived naturally within weeks of the surrogate falling pregnant and 9 months later she was the mother to two gorgeous little baby boys.

The Autobiography is one of humility and life lessons. The most empowering parts for me being a mother and becoming financially independent. I loved reading the details of how Caprice started up her business from scratch. I learnt some valuable advice. My favourite quote being, “You have to live and breath your business and you’ve got to educate yourself throughly about your trade”.

This Autobiography is one I’d highly recommend. I’ve discovered more about an amazing woman and feel inspired to become a business woman in my own right. I love how Caprice is now running her own successful brand By Caprice and that she is able to support great causes such as The Woman’s Trust, an organisation supporting women who have suffered abuse.

You truly are an Inspiration!

By Caprice Bedding


Images kindly provided by Caprice
My Boys, My Body, My Business’ is out now through Amazon.


    1. Yes, I was surprised to read about her suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as I’ve had this problem for several years (Chronic exhaustion) and it’s nice to hear of people overcoming the illness with access to the good treatment.

  1. What a phenomenal woman Caprice is she has suffered so much but can be seen as an inspiration to us all! I like how honest she is about her origins and how she transcended all boundaries to become the woman that she is now.

  2. Sounds like the autobiography is definitely worth a read all I really knew about her before reading this is her range of swimwear and underwear – there is obviously a whole lot more going on! Xx

  3. I love an autobiography. I don’t know too much about Caprice. I saw her interviewed when she was pregnant and talking about also having a baby via a surrogate and remember thinking I hope everything goes well for her. I’ll have to take a look.

  4. I never knew Caprice had an autobiography! I’d really like to read it and get to know HER, rather than just her famous status. It sounds like an interesting read! Thank you for sharing. xx

  5. I will have to get her book. I love a fabulous, empowering woman who puts her passion in to words so that the rest of us can enjoy and appreciate the journey.

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