When considering weight loss surgery, you might be wondering can you stretch your pouch after gastric bypass. Find out if you can stretch you stomach and what to do if you think it is something that will happen to you.

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Can you stretch your pouch after gastric bypass?

Many people who are thinking about gastric bypass or who have had weight loss surgery are concerned if you can stretch your pouch. These are many of the frequently asked questions and things you should know about stretching your pouch after gastric bypass.

How Does The Stomach become stretched?

When you eat more food, the stomach, over time will, can stretch. As you start to eat, the brain sends a signal to your stomach to relax. Once the food is eaten and it passes out of the stomach, the stomach shrinks back to its smaller size. But as you over eat often, the stomach starts to stretch to that size and causes the stomach to retract less and less.

Do carbonated drinks cause your stomach to stretch?

Carbonated drinks on their own do not cause your stomach to stretch. However, carbonated drinks can cause a few issues. Drinking soda is a lot of empty calories that can cause weight gain. Even diet soda, which is 0 calories can cause you to gain weight because it can cause a hormonal change that makes your body hold onto fat. Lastly, when you drink any kind of bubbly or carbonated drinks while you are eating can cause your pouch to expand because of of the carbonation. This can cause you to eat more during your meal before feeling full.

What percentage of gastric bypass patients regain weight?

Most patients who have gastric bypass will lose 70% of their excess weight. About 50% of patients will gain a small amount of this weight back. The average weight gain is about 5%. But overall, most patients are able to maintain the weight loss long term.

Can you shrink your stomach?

You can shrink your stomach if it gets stretched out after gastric bypass. The process of shrinking your stomach back down after surgery is referred to as bariatric pouch reset. What is a bariatric pouch reset? When a patient that has weight loss surgery feels that they are not having the same full feeling that they had after surgery. The pouch reset is following a liquid and soft food diet for 5 days and then adding solid food back into the diet. This resets the full feeling.

Can you have bariatric surgery twice?

If a person who has had bariatric surgery gains the weight back after surgery, it is possible to have the surgery again. However, since it comes with increased risks, the surgery is only considered after careful review of why there has been a weight gain. The surgery is typically not done because of poor eating choices.

While it is possible to stretch your pouch after weight loss surgery, with this knowledge you will know what to do do in order to not stretch your pouch and what to do if it does happen to you.

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