Hit by Brain Fog? Here’s How to Fix it!

Do you often end up feeling dazed and overworked mentally, even when your day just barely started? Having trouble concentrating and focusing at work, or rather any task at hand? You might be hit by the brain fog, and while there is no official cause announced as yet, there are certain steps you can take and lifestyle changes you can make to improve it. 

Here’s helping you do just that and more! Read on! 

Restful Sleep

There’s a reason this one’s on top of our list! Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is an absolute must, no matter what, so make sure you’re getting that. When you sleep, your body (and brain) gets the chance to relax. In fact, studies have also linked a healthy sleep routine to better mood, attention and memory span. 

If you’re unable to get 8 hours of sleep straight, try to sneak in a small nap in the middle of the day to get charged! 

restful sleep for brain fog

Exercise For Brain Fog

Exercising is one of the best ways to eliminate mental fog and stress, and find yourself more alert and energetic- ready to perform all tasks- physically and mentally. Try to engage in a bit of aerobic exercise every morning, or even in the evening if you’re usually in a rush in the morning. If you’re not an exercise person, try to get some yoga done. 

If you’re a spoonie and suffering from chronic illness or bed bound, try some breathing exercises that too can help!

Eating Healthy Food

Believe it or not, brain fog can also be caused by certain foods in your diet. Make sure you’re choosing the right healthy foods for your everyday meals and keeping your gut health at its optimum with more prebiotic and probiotic foods. You may want to try these healthy Mediterranean recipes

Individuals with gluten sensitivity and those following extremely low fat diets are also believed to be more prone to brain fog. 

Also remember to keep your water intake up since dehydration can cause a considerable decrease in brain focus. Have you ever noticed this? I have! When I don’t get enough water I get the worst headaches and cannot think straight! 


Chill Out Regular

In the hectic and stressful life that we live, we hardly get time to relax, and naturally, all that multitasking and overworking is bound to affect the body and the mind eventually.

Make sure you spend at least 10-15 minutes everyday, doing nothing. Listen to some good upbeat music or just close your eyes, lie down and relax. These downtimes may not seem like a lot, but they work really really well. 

Invest Time in Self Care

Self care is absolutely crucial when it comes to maintaining optimum health. Take a little time off of yourself and spend it doing things that make you feel less fatigued mentally.

It can be anything at all- taking a walk alone in the park, soaking in a warm bath, turning on the diffuser with your favourite essential oils – you get the drill.

Even if you have a super busy schedule, try to find the time to spend a few minutes taking care of yourself every single day. This will eventually help prevent burnouts too. 

Implementing these little healthy coping skills can dramatically improve your brain health, reduce brain fog, and improve your mental capacity and cognitive performance too! 

brain fog

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