Born Without A Thyroid Gland

Before I met my  husband I knew very little about the thyroid gland. I knew that too little or too much thyroid hormone affected the body in a negative way but my knowledge was very limited. When we started dating John told me his story of being born without a Thyroid. It was the early 1970’s and very little was known about the condition at that time. John was born overseas in a British Military Hospital. After Three days he became seriously ill and the Nurse worked out what was wrong which pretty much saved his life.

Growing up without a Thyroid whatsoever has not been easy for my husband. Often times, his replacement medication has changed and a family member told me that John’s parents were always very worried about him as a child.

Some of the major symptoms of Hypothyroidism are,


Poor Concentration and feeling mental foggy.

Dry Skin


Feeling Cold

Muscle and joint aches

Fluid retention

Despite taking medication his whole life, my husband has always suffered from the above symptoms in particular the dry skin and Chronic Fatigue. Over the past year John’s health has declined and he’s honestly been almost as tired as myself. My husband sleeps an awful lot. He cares for me when I’m unwell and does the school run but he actually feels burnt out all the time and struggles to do more than the basics. We are a match made in heaven!

Unlike myself,  John has never known life any different. He doesn’t really know what it’s like to feel normal or healthy and energetic. Despite this he has achieved a lot. He worked for two years as a missionary, learnt a trade, went to University to got a Business Degree. Even with serious fatigue John has held down numerous full time jobs.

Over the past year I’ve seen a drastic decline in my husband’s health, his tiredness has become much worse. He has done his best to support me and keep on top of his responsibilities but he really is not one hundred percent well. Everyday folk wouldn’t have a clue because hypothyroidism is another Invisible Illness.

John wants to see an Endocrinologist. Despite repeated tests, his results keep coming back abnormal and so John’s Doctor has finally agreed to refer him to the Hospital if the problem continues for another 2 months. (Roll Eyes) Thyroid problems are generally managed by the GP and so they have been reluctant to send him to a specialist which is what my husband really needs.

It’s not just his Thyroid though, John is also having problems with his liver and is awaiting a liver scan and other tests with a different hospital team.

I have written before how I get frustrated with people who assume my husband is chilling at home and avoiding work. It’s not the case. He actually does all he can to parent, help me and help keep on top of the home, but his illness limits him and he does often end up sleeping a lot more then he would or I would like.

In a way having Chronic Fatigue together as a husband and wife helps John and I to understand one another. We have to balance our time wisely and not overdo things. We also have to take in turns with parenting and help each other with our goal to run successful blogs. John has his own blog called Mr Geek and Gadgets and also does photography and computer tech work when he can.

If we have any hope of succeeding in life and having better finances, it will be via both of us blogging, reviewing and John doing his photography part time. This allows us to meet our own needs, our daughter’s needs and work from home with breaks when we have to rest. Neither of us, with our health could hold down a full time job. It’s just not possible, but together we can both work from home with the goal to build and income.

In a way I see major health problems as one of our biggest trials. apart from the illness and chronic fatigue we both suffer, we are a happy family and life is wonderful. We are blessed beyond measure and doing our best to live good honest lives. As a Mother my one hope is for my daughter to remain healthy and have the chance to live a healthy normal life. That is my dream.

So while we wait for both our health to improve we will keep doing what we can to be the best we can in our circumstances. Having illness can affect your lives and place limitations on your live, however if you search for ways to manage and get by it is possible and it can be done with a smile on your face.

I guess sharing this will help others to understand a little more why we are the way we are and why my husband is not Lazy but more so someone who works as hard as he can amidst serious and chronic fatigue.



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