Best Bariatric Cookbooks To Support Weight Loss

When you have gastric bypass surgery, you can’t eat whatever you want to anymore. Instead, you must follow a strict diet and the guidelines set by your physician. However, if you are like me, you may begin to get bored with the few foods you know how to make. What helped me was finding the best cookbooks for bariatric patients so that I had lots of variety to choose from.

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Best Cookbooks for Bariatric Patients

Those that have had bariatric surgery may have had a gastric bypass or the gastric sleeve. These are generally the most popular weight loss surgery options. It’s is important to know which surgery you had because this will determine which cookbook is best for you. Certain foods following gastric bypass can cause dumping syndrome and therefore you need to be careful with the ingredients you use in your meals. 

Below, I have categorized the best cookbooks for bariatric patients by the type of surgery.

Here are some of the best cookbooks that cover various types of bariatric surgeries. Whether you’re looking for a gastric bypass cookbook or gastric sleeve recipes, these books are fabulous cookbooks to use following weight loss surgery. 

Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery

Pat Levine

 Best Cookbooks for Bariatric Patients

After surgery, your body needs a lot of protein to heal. This cookbook is filled with over 150 delicious low-fat, high protein recipes to help you in your journey. 

Bariatric Cookbook

George Williams

 Best Cookbooks for Bariatric Patients

This complete cookbook has specific recipes and meal plans to help you maintain your weight loss after bariatric, gastric bypass, or a gastric sleeve. This is an all in one book. 

Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook for Dummies

Brian K. Davidson 


We all love the books for dummies series. This weight loss journey book makes it easy for you to stick to a meal plan, eat healthy and nutritious meals, and stay on track. 

Comfort Cooking for Bariatric Post Ops

Lisa Sharon Belkin


In this cookbook, Lisa shares her personal journey through bariatric surgery as well as over 90 delicious, healthy comfort food recipes. The recipes are developed to give you mouth-watering flavor while keeping to a low carb diet. 

Best Cookbooks for Gastric Bypass

Here are some cookbooks that are specifically catered to those who had the gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric Bypass Cookbook

John Carter

 Best Cookbooks for Bariatric Patients

This bariatric cookbook is packed full of quick and easy recipes for stage 1 and stage 2 after your surgery. After surgery, you are going to want meals that are quick, easy and nutritious. Give your body what it needs with this cookbook. 

Gastric Bypass Cookbook: Slow Cooker

Stella Layne

 Best Cookbooks for Bariatric Patients

Let’s face it; after surgery, you won’t want to be standing on your feet cooking meals. Instead, you can find some great recipes in this cookbook that you can cook in your slow cooker all day. 

77 Healthy and Delicious Bariatric Recipes

Luke Newman

 Best Cookbooks for Bariatric Patients

Unlike other cookbooks, this one is unique. It contains all the information you need to lose weight and keep your results permanently along with delicious recipes to try. 

Gastric Bypass Meal Plans

Michelle Border

 Best Cookbooks for Bariatric Patients

Inside this book, you will find detailed meal plans for each stage of your gastric post-op diet. You will find recipes for each of the food selections in the meal plan and so much more. 

Best Cookbooks for Gastric Sleeve

The following cookbooks are best used for those who have had the gastric sleeve surgery. 

Gastric Sleeve Cookbook 2019

Jordan Shelton

 Best Cookbooks for Bariatric Patients

This is a complete Bariatric guide. Get through the surgery with deliciously fresh meals. These easy and healthy recipes aid in recovery after weight loss surgery. 

Gastric Sleeve Top 50 Delicious Mexican Cuisine Recipes

Rosie Carrier

 Best Cookbooks for Bariatric Patients

If you love Mexican Cuisine but aren’t sure what you can eat after gastric sleeve surgery, this cookbook is perfect for you. Enjoy what you love while still sticking to your diet. 

The Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Cookbook


 Best Cookbooks for Bariatric Patients

In this cookbook, you get easy meal plans and recipes that help you eat well and keep the weight off. During your first 8 weeks post-op, meal planning is essential. 

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Do you have any favourite recipes that you used after your bariatric surgery? If so, I would love for you to share them in the comments below! 

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